Removing a program

  Southernboy 22:34 25 Mar 2006

I wish to remove Dantz Retrospect backup. I have two choices.

1. Start>Programs>Retrospect has an Uninstall option.

2. It also appears on Add/Remove Programs.

Which is best? I understand that not all uninstallers actually remove the whole program so which one is likely to do a more thorough job?

  fullyfitted 23:09 25 Mar 2006

I prefer to use Add and remove followed by CCleaner but most of the uninstall options usually work ok., But I would recommened you run CCleaner as it removes all of the left over bits
link is click here

  wee eddie 23:55 25 Mar 2006

Anything that is left behind will be items shared with other programs and are unlikely to take up a significant quantity of disk space anyway.

  Southernboy 13:18 27 Mar 2006

I will do as Wee eddie suggests.

  Simsy 17:24 01 Apr 2006

and I'm not sure where I've got this thought from, but I seem to recall that when "add/remove programmes" is called into operation the first thing it does is to see if the program concerned has it's own uninstaller... if it does then it uses that anyway. So in this case your choice would not matter.

Having said that, I would consider it sensible to use something such as CCleaner afterwards.

As usual, I'm happy to be corrected!



  ade.h 18:13 01 Apr 2006

I think you may possibly be right. Either that or your post has subliminally made me imagine that to be the case! Off to check some books...

  ade.h 18:29 01 Apr 2006

Simsy's right and I didn't imagine it; it uses the program's own uninstaller.

  Southernboy 17:33 19 Apr 2006

Checking again, it does not have its own uninstaller, to I will have to use Add/Remove.

Yet another senior moment!

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