Removing partitions in hard drive

  Revi 21:50 08 Apr 2004

I have just got a PC with 120GB HDD and Win XP Pro. If I want to download any program or game I get a message that there is not enough space in either partitions, C or D. C & D are 2 partitions in HDD, C=5GB & D=115GB. I want to get rid of these 2 partitions, how do I do it?

  GaT7 22:10 08 Apr 2004

To resize, delete, merge partitions, etc., wihout losing data & without having to reformat you need a program like PartitionMagic -click here or PartitionExpert - click here. Others might know a better/cheaper way.

  ade.h 22:11 08 Apr 2004

You can't remove C: it's the system partition. To remove and/or create other partitons, right-click My Computer on your desktop and click Manage. In the following window, you'll see Disk Management in the left pane. Right-click a partition to make changes to it.

  ade.h 22:13 08 Apr 2004

A Google search gives loads of info about Disk Management including click here

  Revi 22:19 08 Apr 2004

I don't want to remove C. I want to remove D. How do I do it. I did as you said : To remove and/or create other partitons, right-click My Computer on your desktop and click Manage.

  Revi 22:31 08 Apr 2004

I have removed partition D successfully but my C partition is still limited to 5GB. I would like it to be the only partition occupying the entire space available in the HDD. any help?

  ade.h 23:32 08 Apr 2004

Without going to the expense of buying a third-party utility like Partition Magic (which will need to be version 7.0 or above to be fully XP compliant anyway) you can't resize the system partition. However, why should you want to? 5Gb should be plenty for all your programs and your files are best placed on a seperate partition (preferably extended rather than primary, as it is much more flexible - check the link I provided above) My 40Gb drive is arranged thus: 8Gb system partition (C) with 5.2gb used (including big apps like Office 2003 and Corel 12) and an extended partition of 30Gb split into 3 logical drives (D,E,F) for files and then there is a 2gb partition for the page file. Post here or use the email link if you need more info.

  ade.h 23:43 08 Apr 2004

I've just seen your other post regarding your download woes; I've no idea what could cause that, especially as you have a large disk. Are you directing the download to the right partition? What sort of downloads are they exactly? If you can, use the "right-click, save as..." method of downloading and place it on the D partition. How much free space do you have on each partition? View the Disk Management screen to find out.

  GaT7 23:48 08 Apr 2004

Just so that others know (& don't repeat themselves) the other similar post started by Revi is "joining partitions" - click here

  gudgulf 23:53 08 Apr 2004

Have you checked how much space is actually available on each partition?

  Revi 00:11 09 Apr 2004

Sorry I have wiped out D. Now its only C that remains with 5GB. HDD is 120GB but only C with 5GB is available, I wish to get back the whole of 120GB space. It is a new PC so I don't have anything yet on it. Please inform how to reformat!

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