Removing an old version of windows xp

  ChrisBDuck 16:13 24 Oct 2009

Ok, I've purchased and installed a brand new copy of Windows Xp, and performed a new Install, due to my old copy being damaged beyond repair.

I assumed that this wouldr eplace my old copy automaticaly, but instead it has installed it into a different hard drive.

Iv'e checked the driv that it has installed it into and it is displaying these three folders:

Documents and settings
Program Files

I thourght about reformatting the drive with the origional copy on it, but noticed that there are many more files in this drive

I am worried that by removing the old version, the new copy will fail to work, as it may be depending on these older viles to run

Sould I reformat or is there another procedure I have to follow?

  howard64 17:46 24 Oct 2009

You have backed up all your data haven't you? to any external drive etc.,? The best thing to do is to boot from your xp cd. Then use the options to install windows and remove all partitions then do a full format not the quick format

  ChrisBDuck 11:04 25 Oct 2009

for a it more information, I shall explain what I have done so far.

I attempted to install a fresh copy of windows xp, hoping that it would overwrite the original copy.

I selected a full format (not quick format) but was not given a choice as to where the new copy would install.

I then found that The new copy had been installed in my G drive, a hard drive that I had added myself in addition to C and D.

I also noticed that windows was giving me a choice of two copys of xp as i turned on my pc.

I attempted to remove the original copy of xp by formatting my C drive, however when i try this it informs me that it cant, and tells me to close any program using this drive, or displaying its contense.

How would I go about removing this original copy for hwere I am now?

  Quiller. 11:12 25 Oct 2009

option in which you can boot into either installion of windows.

You can not remove the old installation as it has part of the boot files on the new one written on it. If you deleted C, G would not boot.

Do as howard64 says. Restart the computer with the XP disk in and proceed through the installation to where you get the option to D to delete the partition. Delete C and then create it again. The load XP on C.

When done right click G and format.

Make sure you backup important info, as already said, before you start.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:21 25 Oct 2009

You cannot format c: as there are some base files in the root of c drive to run the windows system on G:




edit the file on G to read
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

This just means it will only boot from the windows in C: drive

Switch off remove the drives if IDE drives then 0n old G swap the jumpers from slave to master and old C: from master to slave.

s after swapping jumpers Refit drive swapping cable positions between the two drives. old G in old C: position will now become new C:

switch on PC an it should boot to your new copy of windows and your old drive should have the two partitions and you can format the old windows partition to get rid of the old non working windows.

  ChrisBDuck 15:04 25 Oct 2009

ok, i ran the windows xp installer from the disk again and this time performed a repair reinstall on the original version of.

I then formatted the G drive after doign this, so now there is only one copy of windows xp on my pc

however, It still prompts me tos elect between two versions of xp when i boot up the pc, in spite of one being gone, is there a way to make this menue stop appearing?

  T0SH 16:31 25 Oct 2009

Try Winkey + R to open the Run box type in msconfig and click OK

Select the Boot Ini tab and clicking on

Check all Boot Paths

may well fix it for you

but if not on the same tab there is a timeout box if you changing the time to 1 or 2 seconds should make the boot options menu just flash up on the screen then boot to the default OS

Cheers HC

  ChrisBDuck 16:37 25 Oct 2009

Just used Check All Boot Paths, and the problem is gone!

Thanks everyone =D

  ChrisBDuck 16:37 25 Oct 2009

forgot to resolve the issue, my bad XD

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