removing NTL

  Newby 17:31 30 Apr 2009

I am currently having a lot of problems with NTL. Right now I am using my wife's computer to access PC Advisor website. On the morning of 20/4/2009 my internet would not work. I kept getting messabes telling me that a network cable wqs unplugged. I tried different cables (ethernet) even tried a USB -same message. During the course of the week I made 4 telephone calls to NTL. I am slightly deaf so I had to have my wife who knows very little aboout computers to step in after a while because I gad difficulty in understanding the NTL people in Bangalore or New Delhi. On the 4th call I said that I was thinking of leaving NTL because I couldn't get satisfaction. At this point they admitted that there was a problem and it would be resolved in 2 to 4 hours. That was 3 days ago! After discussion with a friend and carrying out further operations I still have the same message but it is augmented by a further message when I open up my network properties I/E. there is a faulty network adapter. The description is of a realtec and also a 35100 adapter which I know is the modem. Before I go the whole hog and a/ advise NTL their modem is faulty or 2/leave NTL I would l;ike to try a further test - by reinstalling the NTL network from scratch. Unfortunately I don't know how to remove all traces of NTL to allow a clean reinstall. Any ideas or suggestions as to my next step(s) would be truiy welcome. I can recieve emails on my wife's computer because she uses my email address. Thank you in anticipation. Sorry about the length, but I feel that the more information you have the better to assist me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:40 30 Apr 2009

Right now I am using my wife's computer to access PC Advisor website.

How is she connected? via your NTL connection or does she have a seperate dialup?

  birdface 17:47 30 Apr 2009

Are you using NTL with your wifes computer.If so the problem is probably with your computer and not NTL.
Easy way is to phone them tell them your problem and that you want an engineer out to check it.
Have you tried turning your modem off for 20 seconds and then turning it back on and leave for two minutes before you use it.

Try right clicking local area connection and press repair see if that helps,

  Newby 11:00 01 May 2009

Hi, Fruit Bat /\0/\ & buteman, I am on my own computer. I have done all the things that you enquired about. I've also changed cables, etc. My wife must be getting her web from another wireless source nearby. I originally set up a wireless router from my computer to hers. One day when my computer was off (at the mains) she went on to internet explorer and it worked - purely accidental. The diagnostic carried out on my computer I printed out and tried to send you the info by typing it in on my wufe's somputer. (she doesn't have a printer or scanner) it was so lengthy that I don't know if you got it. The gist is all the HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, diagnostic ended up with an error report 12007 could not make connection. I acanged the ethernet cable (for about the 3rd time) this time after repair the web worked. Whilst I was on this time to you, I lost connection and regained it. There must be some instability here - but what? Cheers. Any more ideas? Hope I can send this. redeyenewby.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:52 01 May 2009

Ok if connection now working but sometimes losing it by wire

To eliminate wireless router:
connect cable from modem directly to your PC cutting out the wireless router.

If still same then either a problem with modem (do you lose the leds on the modem) or with connection box in street.

Okay if dry lost connection if rains?

Get them to send out and engineer.

  Newby 14:42 01 May 2009

Hi, Fruit Bat /\0/\, Thank you for your comments. I disconnected the router a while ago so that isn't a problem. Touch wood, it seems to be the moment. Thanks again for your help and advise. redeyenewby

  Newby 14:16 05 May 2009

Hi, Fruit Bat /\0/\ & buteman, This morning I rang NTL again and spoke to someone in tech. services in the UK. I explained what was happenning and what tests I had carried out. He agreed that it sounded like a faulty modem and arranged for an engineer to call this afternoon. The engineer came, agreed it sounded like a faulty modem, tested and changed themodem. Voila! I'm up and running again. When asked he said modems can last two years to ten. He is going to ring me at teatime in two days time to check that the modem is still O.K. Thanks for your help. I thought you would like to know the outcome. redeyenewby.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:46 05 May 2009

Thanks for the feed back.

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