Removing exhaust fan vent holes

  Sion 13:00 14 Jun 2003

Has anyone on here had much luck in cutting out the vent holes at the back of the case (where the fans are placed). Seems to me all they serve to do is increase fan noise, and limit the amount of air it can shift.

Anyone recommend this action? Any advice much appreciated.

  Jester2K II 13:02 14 Jun 2003

Yes. Cut slowy with Tin Snips or with a Dremel type drill. Might be best to remove internals first. Circuits and metals fillings = POP

Get a finger guard to put over it and maybe some rubber trim round the edge....

  Sion 18:07 14 Jun 2003

Cheers for the advice Jester. Does anybody else have any other feedback on this course of action. I'd like to hear from a few users experience, so i don't totally mess up my case!

  Diemmess 18:29 14 Jun 2003

It can be done, with good tinsnips but you need wrists like a wrestler.

If you intend to do this, then strip everything out first. and that means motherboard PSU --the lot.

Even if you don't leave filings, there is no way you can cut the steel without using "lethal force".

A messy way but a compromise, might be to open the existing holes with successivly larger drills until the holes merge and you might be able to twist out some of the interstices.

A smarter job would be to use a powered nibbler, and you will need ear defenders if you do.

I'd leave it alone and just make sure the air can flow right through your box, with as little obstruction as you can.

  justme 18:58 14 Jun 2003

One of the reasons there is a cover over the fan is to prevent fingers, cables etc from getting caught in the fan blades. I accept that there is probably not much danger to a finger from the blades but a stray cable or something similar may stop the fan completely and make your ventilation worse rather than better.

Do the modification if you want, but be aware of the risks,

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