Removing Epson C42 printer case top

  GerrieC 19:56 27 Apr 2003

I would like to remove the top cover of my C42 printer to clean the innards, seems there has been an ink surplus. Has anyone done this, if so can you advise me how to do it.

Any help will be gratefully received.

  GerrieC 19:42 28 Apr 2003


  Sir Radfordin™ 19:51 28 Apr 2003

Haven't done a C42, but have done other Epsons. You can't normally get at much even with the cover off, you start having to remove other parts.

Is it not still under warranty?

  pj123 20:11 28 Apr 2003

Don't think that's a good idea. I did it once some time ago (not a c42 but still an Epson) When I finally got to cover off all sorts of springs and cog wheels flew out all over the place. As I then couldn't put it back together again it had to go in the bin and I bought a new one.

  GerrieC 20:15 28 Apr 2003

Sir Radfordin ----

Yes, it is still under warranty, but is still working OK. It appears that a black cartridge has been leaking in the rest position and there is quite a spillage of ink, I wanted to clean it up but the top cover has to be removed to do so. By what I can see it requires a number of wedges to be inserted around the case to unlock the catches. I wondered if anyone has done this.

Thanks for your response, much appreciated.

  GerrieC 20:21 28 Apr 2003

pj123 ----

your posting came up whilst I was replying to Sir Radforin,

Oh well, maybe the ink will be OK where it is. It still prints OK, so as the old saying goes, If it aint broke, leave it alone

Thanks for your help. Very grateful.

  hugh-265156 20:28 28 Apr 2003

this was a tip from another forum member a few days ago regarding moving the printer head when the ink doesnt need replacing.turn on the printer and the head will move to the side just as it does so pull out the should now be able to get a cloth into where the head sits in the parked position.ive a c42 plus and just tried it.

  GerrieC 20:03 30 Apr 2003

Thanks Huggy ---- Brilliant

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