Removing Doubleclick

  thumbscrew 19:35 02 Mar 2012

Each time I click on to Firefox I see, amongst the flashing gobbledygook bottom left, the name of Doubleclick, before the page loads. I don't know whether this little parasite is dodgy enough to be removed, but I've been trying nonetheless...all to no avail! Should I leave it or get shot of's not easy as I've many of the nasty little things that infest our computers-even our lives-seem deliberately deeply embedded.Although I guess that's the world we live in now....a world where nasty twisted little people with evil intent ( Prime example, the Indians with British Christian names, who phone me every day, purporting to represent "Windows Security Centre" and, despite me telling them that they should have been drowned at birth, call me again a few hours later). Anyway I digress, I'm on XP and I'd appreciate anyone's opinion.

  robin_x 19:52 02 Mar 2012

Try installing a HOSTS file

It's all explained here. Including, funnily enough, a reference to Doubleclick in first few sentences.

HOSTS is loaded at boot and blocks lots of stuff. Occasionally sites you want like some on-demand TV.

4oD and ESPN I have heard of. May have been fixed now.

If you get problems, the entries can be amended (Google or post back).

The advantages outweigh the occasional problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:54 02 Mar 2012

Get the Noscript add on here

You can configure it to block a lot of things including doubleclick

  thumbscrew 20:01 02 Mar 2012

Thanks both: before I install one of them, I need to remove the Doubleclick on my machine...any ideas?

  birdface 21:06 02 Mar 2012

Give MalwareBytes a run to see what it finds.

If you see it where the PCA things are loading it will be part of PCA and may not be on your computer.

As you are using Firefox I would just use Adblock plus and that will stop it running.

Spywareblaster may also stop it from Appearing if you have that Downloaded.

If you see it down below again just put your mouse pointer on to it and if it moves across the page to the right hand side you know it is part of PCA.

  Miké 21:14 02 Mar 2012
  thumbscrew 21:15 02 Mar 2012

Thanks Buteman, I've got Spywareblaster, any ideas how I get it to block Doubleclick?

  ACOLYTE 21:36 02 Mar 2012

This add on should block double click as well as quite a few others

been using it a while.

  thumbscrew 21:41 02 Mar 2012

Thanks everyone, I'm overwhelmed...spoiled for choice so to speak. Re Doubleclick, surely I need to remove it first?

  robin_x 21:55 02 Mar 2012

There should be nothing to remove unless you have a separate infection and are experiencing strange stuff and unwanted re-directs away from the pages you are trying to browse to.

A similar query

  birdface 21:55 02 Mar 2012

Open status.Then click on Internet explorer.On the blocked list scroll down to double click and make sure it is ticked.Then do the same with restricted sites and then with Firefox.

make sure it is ticked on all 3.And also make sure it is up to date.

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