Removing cover on PC gives error msg re graphics

  six-h 00:11 29 Jun 2008

Upon advice from crosstrainer in this thread click here, I was carefully easing off the side cover of my PC tower case, when I noticed a change on the display, There was an error message, and the screen was displaying a much enlarged desktop in a very reduced colour range and low res.
It advised me to shut down as the graphics driver was not performing normally!


having shut down, and pushed the side panel home again, I re booted and got two messages.
I'll post them separately, as I'm experiencing random freezes, and don't think I'll be able to upload them to photobucket, and paste them in this post without loosing the lot!

I'm a bit miffed, as this is the first time I've got up the courage to "open the box", and I didn't even get the cover off before problems came!!

I was wanting to leave the cover off ready for the morning boot, when I get a buzzing noise, so that I could trace the source!

Any ideas??

  six-h 00:17 29 Jun 2008

These were the error message, and contents screens I got on re-booting.
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

hope the links work!

  mrwoowoo 00:20 29 Jun 2008

As it was the graphics card fan that was noisy,perhaps it's seized altogether and overheated.
I would only open the case with the pc turned off, and then boot up.

  brundle 00:21 29 Jun 2008

You need someone who can read and analyse the actual crash dump generated, error boxes such as those don't reveal much. Check the card and cable are secured properly.

  mrwoowoo 00:32 29 Jun 2008

By your previous thread, after checking cable and card as brundle suggested, i would remove the graphics card and see if it boots without errors.

  six-h 00:38 29 Jun 2008

Just slavishly copied the error code: -
"BCCode : ea BCP1 : 8620B958 BCP2 : 86C01098 BCP3 : 86CBDFC8 BCP4 : 00000001 OSver : 5_1_2600 SP ; 2_0 Product : 768_1"
into Google, but as expected, no joy!!

What bothers me is that if I remove the cover with the machine switched off, is it going to go "doolally" in the morning when I try to boot up?

And another thing! the IE7 window has reduced to about A5 size, it doesn't "remember" my preferred size upon re-opening it, and I have to drag it larger each time.
How can I get it to remember the size I want?

  mrwoowoo 00:46 29 Jun 2008

Looks like it could be a display driver error.
Certainly gpu orientated(IMHO)
Download and install the latest driver for your card .
Typing part of an error in google usually gets better results.
click here=

  six-h 00:50 29 Jun 2008

Wow, you guys have been busy whilst I've been fruitlessly searching!
I think that since I'm still able to use the PC, that the graphics card fan must be doing it's job, efficiently or otherwise!

regarding removal of the card, do you mean re boot without the card present, or after re seating it?

I don't know what would do the card's job if it were not present.
I remember being told by Medion when asking about upgrade cards long ago, they said be careful, use an incompatible card, and you won't be able to boot.

Would that I were lucky enough to have such knowledgeable friends!!

  mrwoowoo 01:52 29 Jun 2008

Seems i got a bit muddled due to your previous thread link.I thought you have deduced that the graphics card fan was making the noise but it was infact heimdallr that said it.
Thats the problem with two people sharing a thread Lol.
Leaving the cover off and booting won't cause any problems.Try to locate the buzzing with the pencil method that i believe crosstrainer mentioned.I once had a noisy graphics fan from new and it used to settle after a few minutes and never did any harm.( gave it a drop of oil in the end)
Back to the display problem.
If the card is seated ok etc then leave it inplace. Don't uninstall anything,Just update your driver following the advice in this link.
click here

  FatboySlim71 07:52 29 Jun 2008

"And another thing! the IE7 window has reduced to about A5 size, it doesn't "remember" my preferred size upon re-opening it, and I have to drag it larger each time.
How can I get it to remember the size I want?"

Alter it to the size that you want, then left click on the file menu and choose EXIT.

If the above doesn't work then try this:

Make the window the size you want and then hold down the CTRL key whilst closing the window.

  cream. 08:05 29 Jun 2008

1) you should have shut down the system before you tried to open the case.
2) you could have a chassis intrusion switch that activates when you start to ease the side panel off the computer case.

Make and model of motherboard? computer?

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