removing canon i865 print head

  Beverley Anne 09:27 12 Feb 2008

Does anyone know how to remove the canon print head. I can't find the instructions.

I did some printing and the picture had black thick lines I thinking that the printhead could be blocked up I did a deep clean run but it hasn't helped.

  Technotiger 09:40 12 Feb 2008

From another Forum, but several guys here report success ...

click here

  Beverley Anne 09:59 12 Feb 2008

Technotiger thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the link.

I figured out how to get the print head out I've now got it standing in a little cold water.

I just wondering if you or anyone else could tell me can I rinse inside the print head where you put the cartridges?

  Technotiger 10:21 12 Feb 2008

Sorry, I can't say - I only have Epson printers - needs someone to come on who has Canon experience, no doubt you won't be kept waiting too long for an answer.


  Clapton is God 11:48 12 Feb 2008

"I've now got it standing in a little cold water"

Don't waste your time.

Flush it through with warm running water until the water runs clear. You'll be surprised how much muck it washes away.

  GBL 12:37 12 Feb 2008

I have the i850 printer and it litterally took me hours of patience to finally get all the old ink out. What i did was to have a kitchen towel on the draining board and then let water flow gently on the pad where the cartridge sits and keep on wiping the bottom where the brass strip are. I also ran water across the strips until it ran clear. With the kitchen towel wet I gently pushed the holder onto it and eventually I could see the water being pushed back into the pads. I then put a drop of water on the pads and had the holder sitting on the kitchen towel. If all is clear the water soaked into the towel.
I then used flushing liquid and eventually let it dry off. All my hours worked and now all is fine.
Mine had stopped printing in black so was thoroughly clogged.

  davgb 16:58 12 May 2008

Reluctant to shell out for a new print head at a min £30 on ebay and twice that elsewhere, I have scoured the net for the solution to cleaning the i865 head. Its such a great printer the prospect of wasting it and buying another different unit goes against the grain.

I've tried the soaking etc and to no success. So, if like me you've (I stess) nothing to lose, then the following may work as it did for me. It is not for the faint hearted....although its not as drastic as it seems.

I decided to attack the two screws under the assembly which hold the nozzles plate to the main casting. Once screws are undone the plate must be -carefully- eased away. The printed circuit cables is delicate and could easily tear. Once freed, this reveals a flexible gasket which seal the two together. It can be peeledcarefully away to access the rear of the nozzle plate and the underneath of the main block. The ducts which run from the top of the block are clearly visible. Water will ooze nicely through these if they are clear. On the plate, the oblong slot which feeds the black jet (the usual culprit) is also clearly visible. A good flush through and you can see daylight through the latter.

Re-assemble and the head works!

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