Removing Bios Name/Branding

  ACOLYTE 15:46 23 May 2008

I have just been given a pc,nothing fancy just an old Apricot MS series,the guy who gave it me cleaned what he could from the Hdd,but it still has his name and address on the bios when it starts up,i was wondering if this can be removed,he has tried but couldnt figure out how to do it.Also it has a Digital Fingerprint password that you have to enter at bootup,thats ok i have all the info i need,but i would rather it booted stright into windows without this option to input a password,i have tried looking in the bios but i cannot see anything about passwords in there.

  woodchip 16:16 23 May 2008

cannot be done, unless you had a bios custom written

  rossgolf 16:22 23 May 2008

is the digital fingerprint thing software related? because if you find the software then you can uninstall it

  woodchip 16:26 23 May 2008

Yes its software but you cannot change it, its the BIOS software. It may be posible to turn it off in the BIOS some allow this. But if not, you are stuck with it

  ACOLYTE 16:30 23 May 2008

I am not really wanting to mess with the bios,its an old pc and still runs win 95,and i havent used that in a long time lol.

  woodchip 16:31 23 May 2008

look in the bios it may turn off. try pressing del as computer is starting

  ACOLYTE 16:33 23 May 2008

I have looked in the bios,and i didnt see anything about passwords or how to remove the name and address.

  woodchip 16:34 23 May 2008

Then you are stuck with it

  Technotiger 16:52 23 May 2008

Try doing a Search for it, including All Hidden Files/Folders.

Or - if you can download and run PC Wizard it might show the Password after clicking on the Keys icon.

click here

  Technotiger 16:52 23 May 2008

Sorry, just re-read your Post - you already have the info.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 23 May 2008

Yes you can switch this off or overwrite with your own name.
I have an old HP laptop where name and address is set in BIOS' but is at work and will not be able to look at the BIOS till Wednesday at earliest.

The settings are usually in the BIOS under security or configuration settings where you would set the BIOS passwords. If it has a supervisor password set you may not be able to get at the relevant location to make the changes unless you know that password.

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