Removing AVG

  vassos 12:25 18 Dec 2008

I have run AVG successfully for some time but recently it is without doubt slowing down my PC. My wife has a similar complaint. Furthermore we have been recommended by a local Computer tech., to swap to Kaspersky. My son has done this and is delighted with the result. I have repeatedly tried to uninstall the AVG system from both mine and my wife's PC. While installing the new system we are both being told that AVG 8.0 is in our systems. It is not showing on our program listing and we cannot find any trace of it. Clearly it is invading the system somewhere and is driving us nuts. Any ideas please.

  Sea Urchin 12:30 18 Dec 2008

Run the AVG removal tool from

click here

and then possibly clean up with CCleaner

  vassos 12:37 18 Dec 2008

I have Bullguard installed as a free trial and it appears to be blocking the download

  tullie 12:45 18 Dec 2008

You arent running AVG and Bullguard antivirus surely?

  Marko797 12:57 18 Dec 2008

uninstalling AVG, then use CCleaner to rid your machine of all traces. Use the Registry icon (in CCleaner) which clears remnants of any previously installed programmes. Then get your new AV and install. This has worked for me in the past.

Not sure what Bullguard is, but if AV, you shouldn't have more than 1 AV on your system anyway as having more than 1 causes conflict.

  vassos 12:58 18 Dec 2008

I "thought" I had removed Avg prior to installing a free trial Bullguard. What I wish to do is install Kaspersky and get rid of the Bullguard. Your question leads me to believe I know even less about what I'm doing than I believed!

  Marko797 13:07 18 Dec 2008

uninstalling a prog doesn't necessarily remove all traces. Hence my advice for using CCleaner.

Follow the steps in my earlier post, but also include uninstall of Bullguard, if you no longer wish to have it.

Once both AVG & BG are uninstalled, THEN use CCleaner to clear traces.

Then get your Kaspersky installed.

Hope this sorts your current dilemma.

  Grey Goo 13:16 18 Dec 2008

Once you have cleared all debris and installed your desired programme have a look in Windows Security Centre. Under Antivirus it should indicate the default programme. If it says there are several programmes then you will not have cleared all the residual clutter. This probably won't matter it depends on how fastidious you are.

  vassos 13:22 18 Dec 2008

I have now uninstalled Bullguard. I have downloaded and run CClean. I have looked in Windows Security and it tells me there id no AV or Firewall in my PC. I have tried again to install Kaspersky. It is still telling me there is AVG8.0 in there somewhere. I am going out for a breath of fresh air and then I will again attempt to download the AVG Removal Tool. Thanks guys meantime. Another basically wasted morning.

  Woolwell 14:30 18 Dec 2008

Kaspersky is quite fussy about traces of other anti-virus still being present and will refuse to install as you have found. The best way as you have already been told is to run the AVG removal tool.

  vassos 18:05 18 Dec 2008

OK Guys sorted. I had the security setting set to max., on advice as a result of this Internet Explorer glitch thing and forgot about it. I reset it, got Cclean and the AVG removal tool on board. Cleaned up the act and Kaspersky is now in. Very many thanks to all.

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