Removing AOL

  brambles 13:18 06 Jan 2004

My friend tried AOL/Broadband for a while but has cancelled the contract - which he says they have agreed to. Are there any problems I could encounter in removing all AOL from the computer?
I then propose installing BT Anytime - not Broadband - just the 56Kbts version using the internal PC modem.
Any observations welcome!


  lahorie 13:25 06 Jan 2004

Shouldn't be any problems as long as you uninstall the software correctly, through AOL uninstaller or through control panel, add/remove programs


  PA28 13:53 06 Jan 2004

Sorry to worry you but I never went near AoL because of reports in the computer press some time ago about AoL's limpet like qualities - it apparently attached itself everywhere. Times may have changed, and I'm sorry that I can't supply first hand experience for the very reasons given. I'd be interested to learn how you get on. Have a nice day! :-)

  Djohn 14:05 06 Jan 2004

brambles, as lahorie says, there will be no problems to worry about. Just remove AOL from control panel/Add/remove programs, then do a search for all AOL files/folders and delete.

This will remove AOL from the PC in as much as it will not be visible or interfere with any of your other programs. For all intents it will have disappeared and you will not see any reference to the program.

It is true that there will still be entries in the registry, [This applies to other programs that you remove as well] but they will not affect the running of your PC. You can if you wish, edit the registry, but it's really not worth it.

I removed AOL broadband from my PC some 6 weeks back by the above method and then installed another Broadband ISP. Runs as smooth as silk, and I can't find any trace of AOL, unless I go searching for it in hidden files. j.

  gold 47 14:07 06 Jan 2004

When you have uninstalled AOL via add and remove reboot then do a search for any remaining AOL files and delete them.

  brambles 14:18 06 Jan 2004

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