Removing additional hard drives.

  craig367 13:02 15 Sep 2005

I have 3 hard drives in my pc.A 300Gb Sata drive, has my OS on it.A 200Gb Pata drive which had music+video files & An 80Gb drive had since last pc, nothing on it but was plugged in & working if needed. I have move data files onto main drive, leaving other 2 empty. I formatted & deleted partitions & uninstalled using disk manager & device manager.So when I boot only the main drive shows in my computer(& my dvd drive). However, If I unplug these drives completely & physically remove from pc, my pc will not boot to the Sata drive. Why not? I noticed that there was a small (about 3mb)partition on the first Pata drive as this was only way of originally getting to boot up. I presume it's a system file, but why is it need if booting to the other drive. I am confused?

  Yoda Knight 13:33 15 Sep 2005

that may have had your bootable partition on which basically tells it where to find the OS.

Try boot from the cd, choose recovery console and do a fix mbr

  Yoda Knight 13:33 15 Sep 2005

Also check master/slave settings

  woodchip 13:44 15 Sep 2005

Was the Pata C:\ as if it was that's why. Only thing you can Try is With Sata in only, start with XP CD in computer and press R when you are told to then it should repair you Boot drive with OS on it

  keith-236785 14:33 15 Sep 2005

check your bios settings for boot order, most pc's are set to look for an IDE hard drive to boot from

you need to select SCSII (think thats how its spelt) as first boot drive and see if that helps, if not, try the other options putting IDE H/D as fourth or last boot option, floppy,cdrom before hard drive and as said any other drives before ide.

hope that makes sense

  craig367 14:42 15 Sep 2005

The Sata drive is my C: drive. I think Yoad Knight that that's the most likely explanation that the small partition on the other drive contains the part needed to boot the pc. I will try the disc & recovery onto Sata drive when I get home (on works pc at the mo). Would this lose all my data though?

  Yoda Knight 14:44 15 Sep 2005

No, it'll just create a new mbr on the new drive

  craig367 14:53 15 Sep 2005

Sorry Yoda what's an mbr? Do you mean it will create a new boot partition onto the Sata drive? Would this make it appear as 2 separate drives as the other one did? The other drive appeared as drive E:(small partition) & drive F: (rest of drive space).

  woodchip 22:00 15 Sep 2005

No it's like a Repair of the File Index, That's what MBR is basically

  craig367 07:38 16 Sep 2005

started windows cd & pressed r for recovery of installation. Went to what looked like a DOS prompt screen with C:\windows> or something like that (back on pc at work now).typed /help which brought up a list of commands then was completely stumped. Have an external hard drive on order, so will backup my stuff to that first then have another go, if someone could tell me what to do from that prompt I'll have another go next week. Will leave this as uncleared & post back. Thanks folks.

  Grantrh 08:59 16 Sep 2005

Your Motherboard may not be able to boot from a Sata HDD. I had this problem recently and I needed to flash my Bios to support this feature and install SATA drivers which btw must be on a floppy drive if u are using XP.

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