Removing Acronis Corrupt Backup

  standby 15:13 13 Nov 2007


I backed up my Hard Drive to DVD+RWs using Acronis True Image 10. Validation advised that the backup was corrupt and Customer Support recommended download of latest TI 4942... this also produced corrupt disks.

Further advised to boot from the Acronis Boot Disk and backup from there again failed though using new disks which Support then put down to faulty DVDs.

Removal and reinstallation of Acronis TI ( I have a boxed disk ) again gave the same result so I purchased an external hard drive assuming
this would solve my problem. Sadly no, so I have now decided that Acronis is not for me and
wish to remove the downloaded faulty backup from my external hard drive.

Advice would be appreciated with regard to the removal/deletion from the new external unit. Do I reformat (did format to change from the default FAT 32 system to NTFS) or delate the installation in some way ???.

I was moving from Ghost backup on DVDs to what seemed to be an easier system. Guess Nortons answer to backup, in my case anyway, is more positive.

Can you help re the clear up of the new external drive.

I must admit to being short on experience because additional Acronis support did get a bit beyond me and gave the feeling of a run around.

Thanks for any help.

  Diemmess 15:35 13 Nov 2007

Are you saying your current system is running successflly, but Acronis backups are only producing corrupt files which you obviously cannot use?

Having used Acronis for some time now, I have never had this happen..... BUT

I always back up onto another HD and wonder if you have a problem burning the backup straight onto a DVD.
Do try this before you remove what most seem to think is a good, reliable, fairly user-friendly program.

If it is the Acronis application you want to be rid of, then Windows add/remove programs should do the trick.

Any Achronis backup files should disappear for ever by simple deletion of each and every.

  rawprawn 15:59 13 Nov 2007

Just delete the Acronis Backup from your External HDD, no problem just treat it as any other fie. (Don't forget to del;ete it from your Log in Acronis if you are going to keep Acronis.
like Diemmess, I have never had a corrupt backup and I swear by Acronis, give it another try, as we have pointed out it is easy to delete the backup. Should it go wrong please contact Acronis Support.

  standby 16:18 13 Nov 2007

Many thanks Diemmes and Rawprawn.

Present system is running OK. Did install a spare new DVD+/-RW with again new DVDs with same result as previous so have tested best possible.

I will though take the advice, delete as you say Rawprawn and give it another go.

Many thanks each.

  €dstowe 17:07 13 Nov 2007

Even if your method worked, I would never place something as important as a backup to a DVD - even worse a DVDRW. They are notoriously unreliable.

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