removeAOL , but keep address book

  palinka 17:42 12 Nov 2006

A friend has inherited a pc. OS is XP. Previous owner used AOL, but my friend wants to get rid of that and use OE for email & IE for internet.
Some of the email addresses that we both assume are still in the AOL address book might be useful (pc belonged to her husband who died last year)– can someone advise the best way to keep those when we remove AOL?
And are we likely to encounter any problems removing AOL? (eg. like the difficulties of removing Norton).

  Diemmess 18:28 12 Nov 2006

Aol can be removed properly through windows add/remove.
It will still be necessary to search for and delete all the folders which are left lying around. They will not upset anything, but make the place untidy.
DO NOT delete any of these until add/remove has done its stuff.

Address book is a an almost insurmountable problem, becuse the a/c has lapsed and there's no way back directly to the Address book.

However if you can find the file ORGANIZE deep in the bowels of documents > all users and so on you will find a file called (Screenname).abi

Open this with Word (Recover text from any file) and amongst a lot of indecipherable dross you should find all the "recent" emails and some other things.
A laborious business of copying a phrase or so at a time.

NB this Organize file is not among the files in program files, it has to be searched through Documents and Settings > All users > Application Data> Aol > etc etc.

  VoG II 18:31 12 Nov 2006
  palinka 18:43 12 Nov 2006

thank you Diemmess, I'll see if we can find the file you mention. It sounds as if it will not be at the top of my "to do" list but basically less technical than VoG™'s link! The business of the acct having lapsed hadn't occurred to me.
Thanks, VoG™, the thought of all that Java stuff gives me the screaming habdabs - but it's an interesting site and i'm sure someone will find it helpful even if i don't go down that route.

  VoG II 18:45 12 Nov 2006

If you don't mind paying £13.95 (money back guarantee) click here

  Diemmess 19:50 12 Nov 2006

I have over some long time lost bits of my Aol when in earlier days '98 fell over regularly through my mismanagement.
I'm fundamentally too mean to buy software to cope with the result of previously incompetant maintenance!

  Diemmess 20:00 12 Nov 2006

Organize is a folder, not a file,
There will be a number of files within, worth exploring for any scraps of info.
Copy it somewhere safe first before you dream of uninstalling Aol.
I think it contains a folder idb as well as a cache.
If you do indulge in the recovery program it will be better to use that first of all.

  palinka 09:02 13 Nov 2006

thank you both.

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