Phrixos 08:59 16 Oct 2008


When I try to eject my removable drive (in this case, an SD card) I get message that says the computer cannot remove it right now--because the drive is "still in use." I am instructed to "close down all programs before attempting to remove the drive," because not to do so may result in data loss--but there are no programs running.

I cannot thing of anything that might be accessing the drive--except possibly my firewall or anti-virus packages (Comodo and Avast). Could either of these be the offender?

Any other suggestions?


  T I M B O 09:22 16 Oct 2008

To be honest, i have never used the safty removal tool for SD cards like i do with pen drives.

  muddypaws 09:43 16 Oct 2008

I always get the same when I have cloned C to my external. In the end I just give up and unplug. Everything appears intact on it.

  Ventad 10:12 16 Oct 2008

Have you still left a window open with an item that you were looking at, that can cause the problem

  audeal 10:45 16 Oct 2008

I have been getting this same problem for some time now and still have not found the cause of it. It is very annoying to sit there waiting for it to finnish and nothing happens.

Like muddypaws, I just unplug it in the end.

I also find that when closing a USB external drive or SD card, I get another item in the list for closing down when there is no other item connected.

  scotty 12:20 16 Oct 2008

Could it be one of Microsoft's "useful" services causing this problem (e.g. indexing)? These services do not show up like programs but may be using the removable drive.

  UncleP 12:59 16 Oct 2008

What OS do you have? I take it you have been through the usual troubleshooting routines click here;en-us;310575 (for XP)

  UncleP 13:01 16 Oct 2008

Sorry, link doesn't work; try again
click here;en-us;310575

  UncleP 13:11 16 Oct 2008

click here
If that doesn't work, I give up!

  Bris 21:00 16 Oct 2008

The reason it does this is because it thinks there is data still to be written held in a buffer somewhere. Most removable drives are set for easy removal i.e. data is not held in a buffer but written to the drive immediately in which case its safe to unplug it anytime BUT you never know for certain so I always leave the drive plugged in until the PC is shut down and then remove it as the shutdown process writes any buffered data to the drive. Trying to trace this problem is unfortunately mostly a waste of time as windows seems to get itself into a twist much of the time. Pulling a drive at the wrong time can sometimes, at best, cause a loss of data and at worst corrupt the whole lot.

  Phrixos 21:18 16 Oct 2008

(Will I never learn, and draft my messages in Wordpad? Lost my response--again!)

Thanks guys, for all the responses. Just one of those many, many, "Microsoft things" that a supposedly "intuitive" Windows (Vista) system is supposed to handle, but can't. Hey, Microsoft, it IS a "computer," you know!)

Anyway, thanks, especially to Bris, whose explanation is both informative and reassuring.

Guess I'll just continue on doing the Muddypaws thing.


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