remove XP - install ubuntu

  Cornmill 07:04 29 Jul 2010

i have a toshiba Satallite A30 laptop. xp home preinstalled - Pentium 4. only have toshiba recovery discs. 480 mb RAM and 46gb hard drive (9 gb free). Runs OK but with xp support going want to install ubuntu. so far with no success even following forum ideas and ubuntu home page. impression is i don't have enough space to load alongside xp ??!! I can't completely install. Can I delete xp first then install ubuntu? if so how do I ?

  ronalddonald 07:18 29 Jul 2010

what keys on your keypad do you need to reinstall xp, f6 or esc to boot from the cd drive. mine is escape key others might f12 or f7.

Anyway place the ubuntu into the drive and restart and pres the f key to boot form the cd drive and see, what happens.

Ubuntu should load up and from their there should an icon thats says install ubuntu onto your computer system, press on that, and follow online instructions, but be warned all your data will be lost unless you back onto external drive.

Im using Linux mint

  ronalddonald 07:19 29 Jul 2010

im not sure if 9gb is going to be enough

  scotty 10:51 29 Jul 2010

If you want to remove XP completely, this should be an option (possibly the default option) in the Ubuntu install process. See this page for description of the install click here

In step 5, prepare disk space, choose option erase and use entire disk.

I have used Ubuntu on a few computers and like it. I have recently tried Mint which is a derivative of Ubuntu which is less fussy about what software is included in the install (many codecs and some proprietary software are included). You might consider using Mint instead.

I assume that you can run Ubuntu "Live" from the CD and that it is recognising all the hardware on your laptop?

  DieSse 12:07 29 Jul 2010

I'd vote to use Mint, too. It's based on Ubuntu, but had some additions which make it more useful "out-of-the-box", as they say.

BTW - XP support is NOT going - only support for SP2 - you should have SP3 already anyway.

  tullie 12:25 29 Jul 2010

Use Linux Mint,during installation you will get the option to install alongside your current os,or use the whole drive.If you just want to use Linux,then use the second option.Linux will install and xp will be no more.You have got a very small hard drive so maybe you should invest in a bigger one,then you could run both systems.

  LastChip 22:59 29 Jul 2010

9GB should be enough, but the problem may be the hard drive would be getting towards full capacity and no operating system likes to operate with nothing to spare.

I would reiterate what others have said.

Linux Mint is probably a better option. Not only is it more "Windows like" and you will have less difficulty changing over, it's hardware recognition is better. Certainly, the proprietary drivers it uses (that many other distros frown on), helps no end with the "out of the box" experience. For example, assuming you have a DVD drive, you can play commercial DVD's without any further ado. And if you've got a good enough graphics chip, Compiz is really cool!

If your laptop is 32 bit, just make sure you download the correct version from: click here

I use it myself on my laptop and can't say enough good things about it; highly recommended.

Run it as a "Live CD" first, just to make sure it works OK, then if you're happy, click the install icon. Just remember, if you choose to use the whole drive, you WILL LOOSE ALL THE DATA, so if you have something you want to keep, make sure it's backed up. After the event is too late!

  Cornmill 06:35 30 Jul 2010

Many thanks for the suggestions, advice - and information - and I will be trying them asap

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