remove Ubuntu 9.04

  lairey2 13:52 25 Nov 2009

I have Ubuntu installed but in doing so failed to make a large enough partition.
I want to remove and reinstall with a larger partition so that I can get the latest edition but cannot find any way to remove my first edition.
If not possible to remove does anyone know how to enlarge the partition from my 2GB to at least5GB.

  bremner 14:50 25 Nov 2009

Take a look at gparted before uninstalling click here

  lairey2 15:32 25 Nov 2009

Bremner, Thanks for the response, I came across this gparted on the system and have got a picture up on the screen which shows the partitions and also what's left on my disc containing Windows XP.
The help section is Greek to me at the first reading, but if I can't remove and reinstall, will have to study a bit more closely.
Thanks for the other link.

  Poitier 15:47 26 Nov 2009

You might find this site helpful.
click here

  lairey2 19:41 27 Nov 2009

Marg7, Thanks for your idea, yes I installed from the live disc and tried to load the new on top of the existing but the problem arose when I came to the partition step in the installation of the new system. it looked as though i was going to lose my XP system so i "chickened out" but see now that I may find a way to format and enlarge the partition from my 2.5 to 5 GB which would be enough space.Have formatted floppies and my HDD but ne1ver a partition but will have another look. Thanks, will let you know.
Poitier. Thanks

  lairey2 19:43 27 Nov 2009

Poitier, thanks for the link and it looks very interesting, will dheck it out.
Aplogies to both for delay, been otherwise engaged.

  ashdav 22:30 27 Nov 2009

For future reference, when you install any Linux operating system a new bootloader is installed (Grub or Lilo) which over writes the Windows bootloader.
To get back to a Windows only boot...
XP - Boot from the installation disc and when the option appears select Recovery Console.
Select the first option (C) by typing 1.
Type in fixboot then hit return key.
Type in fixmbr then hit return key.
Exit screen by following on screen instructions.
Vista/7 - Boot from the disc and select startup repair.
When you've done this and Windows is working again go to start/right click Computer and select Manage then Disk Management.
Right click and delete any partitions that are not part of your Windows installation.
Linux is then deleted.

  lairey2 13:32 28 Nov 2009

Asdav, Many thanks for the additional info, I now have all the instructions either to reformat and enlarge my partition or delete linux and start again.
Thank you all for your help which will be put to good use.
merry Christmas to all.

  ronalddonald 20:11 30 Dec 2009

Download this click here

and run it. and follow the instructions of the program even if ubuntu flashes up asking it to be removed. The other option is to save all your file s and downloads onto an external hard drive and reformat the c drive by reinstalling xp

  lairey2 18:39 01 Jan 2010

Thanks for the tip.I could write a book on the installation and removal of Ubuntu after the operations that I have carried out during the last month......all because I did it wrongly in the first place and then got involved with partitions..... another story!
However I have the latest version now on 2 computers and am happy with the way they perform.
Thank you for your link which I will use to remove a "left over" from a flight simulator which "add or remove" fails to deal with.

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