remove supernet from tiny pc

  PUNKA 07:54 22 Mar 2004

help removing supernet from tiny pc, modem not dialing into any other isp. how do i fix.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:03 22 Mar 2004

Time PCs have "dedcated" modems - i.e. they only work with Supanet ISP.

This may be the case with Tiny also.

  Stuartli 08:42 22 Mar 2004

Apart from the fact that what you say would almost certainly be illegal in the way that Time apparently forces Supernet on to customers, you can can remove the Supernet link via Add/Remove programs.

All then that is needed, or may be needed, would be the latest drivers from the modem manufacturer's website and to set up a new ISP account in the normal way.

To get rid of ISP branding use the following method:

First close down Internet Explorer then click Start and Run. In the Open
dialog box type:

rundll32.exe iedkcs32.dll,Clear (note the space after .exe and comma
before Clear)

and click OK.

After restarting Internet Explorer the annoying ISP branding should

If you have SpywareBlaster, you can insert whatever you want in the title bar via the
IE tab - for vanity's sake I use my own name...:-)

  Stuartli 08:54 22 Mar 2004
  Diodorus Siculus 08:56 22 Mar 2004

Stuartli - am I wrong?

It seems to me that the dedicated modems installed by Time can only be used by Supanet and have to be replaced.

The Time representative on this forum did offer to send a new modem to anyone who wanted it.

Was this not the case recently, or maybe I dreamt it all... ;-}

  Diodorus Siculus 10:43 22 Mar 2004

Can anyone confirm that this was the case... or am I slowly going mad? Thanks, Dio.

  pj123 14:42 22 Mar 2004

Diodorus Siculus. No you are not going mad. You are right. The modem installed in those computers will only work with Supanet, and as you say the Time rep (Ian Shaw) did say that if anyone didn't want supanet he would arrange to send them a free modem so that they can choose whichever ISP they want. He must be inundated with emails asking for new modems. Perhaps Time (and Tiny) ought to change their policy and give us (the customer) the choice of whichever ISP we want? Why should we be restricted to the ISP they want us to use? Unfortunately, due to this new changeover business I can't find the previous thread. But I can tell you that Ian Shaw's email address is [email protected] Maybe he could say something on here.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:15 22 Mar 2004

pj123 - that's a relief! I can ease off on the pills now... :-}

I too searched and could not find anything - that is why I wondered if it were here that I read it.

  pj123 15:30 22 Mar 2004

My partner (ennuye) posted it some time ago in response from an email from Ian Shaw who said he only checks the Consumerwatch pages regularly and the Helproom occasionally. I have emailed Ian and pointed him to this thread. If Time is worth it's salt we should see a response from Ian shortly. By the way, maybe the Forum should sort its Search Engine out. I typed in "supanet" "or" "time" and got 100 results but not one of them related to "time" or "supanet".

  Ian - Time 16:42 22 Mar 2004

Hi Guys

You can now de-optimise online by following these simple instructions below:


Please ensure that you complete all of the instructions in order, otherwise the process may not de-optimise your modem:


· Firstly, please register a new Supanet Classic (pay-per-minute) account by using the pop-up screen that appears when the computer has started up. The pay-per-minute account will only need to be used once and you do not need to use it again after this process.

· Ensure that you note down the username and password that you set for the Classic account.

· When during the signup process, your computer will access the Internet. When the Supanet web page appears detailing the various types of accounts, click the "More Info" button on the section, which details the "Classic" type of account.

· Then click the "Sign Up" button on the web page that then appears and fill in your details.

· Once registration is complete your computer will then disconnect from the Internet.


· Once you have set up your computer with a Supanet Classic account as shown above, then double click on the large Internet Explorer icon that is located on your desktop.

· You will be presented with a "Fast Internet Access" window and a Dialup Connection window. Click the "OPTIONS" button that is shown on the "Fast Internet Access" window.

· You will then be presented with a small "Preferences" window. Click on the "Manual Update" button that is locate on this window. Allow the computer to connect to the Internet and the Supanet homepage will appear.

· Click the "EMAIL" button that is located just below the "SEARCH" box. Immediately underneath the "EMAIL" button "username" and "password" boxes will be shown. Immediately underneath these boxes will be a "Forgot Your Password? Click here" hyperlink; click the words "Click Here".

· You will be shown a Supanet Account Maintenance screen. Enter the username and password that you set for the Supanet Classic account you created earlier, and then click the "Continue" button shown on the page.

· You will then be shown a list of three options. Click the "De-optimise dialer PC" option and then click the "Continue" button. Click the "Continue" button on the next page as well.

· You will then be asked to fill in a questionnaire. Please ensure that all fields are completed and then click the "Continue" button at which time you will then be told that the Update process has completed.

· Finally, please disconnect from the Internet and wait 10 minutes before attempting to connect to the Internet with the Internet Service Provider of your choice.

I Hope that this helps


  GroupFC 17:06 22 Mar 2004

Well done, Ian - that should help solve a few queries. Personally I have no problem Supanet but it seems quite a few don't won't it!

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