Remove A Single Email From The Server

  dalek111 16:50 30 Sep 2009


I am using MS Outlook 2007 and in my account options have the 'Leave a copy of emails on the sever' (or something like that) box checked. I have to do this as it is a shared email address for my whole family that everyone uses for eBay and suchlike, however we all have different logins. This setup allows all of us to receive every email, however on occasion this is not a good thing. (Like buying gifts on eBay).

Is there any way of removing a single email from the server without deleting it from my computer, so no one else will receive it?

Thanks for looking, I appreciate any help.

  interzone55 17:08 30 Sep 2009

Does your email account have a webmail login?

If so simply login to the webmail address and delete the email from there...

  dalek111 17:09 30 Sep 2009

No. That was my first thought, but it's just BT, no browser-based access.

Thanks for the suggestion though

  interzone55 17:15 30 Sep 2009

Doesn't BT have a webmail option?

click here

  dalek111 17:18 30 Sep 2009

That isn't web based. It is BT's own email client, but it is nothing like as good as MS outlook, and conflicts with it. I had to uninstall it.

  peter99co 17:19 30 Sep 2009

Tried using Mailwasher? This removes from server after you have received it on your computer.

It is a spam mail remover so will allow removal before it gets to your machine as well.

  dalek111 17:21 30 Sep 2009

Only removes emails you have blocked the sending address or IP address of. I don't want to block eBay because i want to recieve the email before i delete it off the server.

  peter99co 17:22 30 Sep 2009

Are you refering to Mailwasher?

  dalek111 17:22 30 Sep 2009

Yeah, I tried it weeks ago.

  peter99co 17:25 30 Sep 2009

Mailwasher will delete anything you like Friend or foe if you tick delete. It even has a Recycle bin if you make a mistake.

  dalek111 17:26 30 Sep 2009

But can you delete it from the sever but retain it on the computer, so it is still sitting in your inbox, but gone from the server?

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