Remove programs from system tray

  alpalok 07:10 07 Nov 2005

I have just bought sony DSC H1 digital camera and loaded the picture maker and VCD mixer softwares that have come with the camera.
The problem is that these softwares have loaded themselves in the system tray and load themselves when windows start and the developers of the programs have not given any option in the options menu of both programs to remove the feature that prevents the programs from getting loaded when windows starts.

  PaulB2005 07:12 07 Nov 2005

Start menu, Run...


MSCONFIG and hit enter

Startup tab

Untick anything you don't want starting.

  alpalok 09:49 07 Nov 2005

Hi Paul
Thanks for replying. I know that. But once you use msconfig, you are stuck with the diagnostic startup menu. You have to press exit without restart button everytime.
I wanted to know what registry keys to modify to settle this problem, and anyway modifying the msconfig is not a very good option to be recommended for long term solutions.

Dr Alok Modi MD

  w1z8rd 10:02 07 Nov 2005

download this click here almost the same as the msconfig option also there is another app on his site that stops programmes registering themselves at installation

  PaulB2005 10:37 07 Nov 2005

"But once you use msconfig, you are stuck with the diagnostic startup menu. You have to press exit without restart button everytime."

No only once you have made the changes initially do you have restart. Not sure what you mean by "you are stuck with the diagnostic startup menu"

"anyway modifying the msconfig is not a very good option to be recommended for long term solutions."

Why not?

  alpalok 12:44 07 Nov 2005

Hi Paul

If you click on the first tab on msconfig, you will see that it has 3 types of startups on the general tab

1. Normal startup
2. Diagnostic startup
and 3 Selective startup.
When you make these modifications, you will land up with selective startup and everytime windows will prompt you to bring it back to normal startup. It will also give you the option to disable that message from appearing.

It is always a better advice to go the preferences tab or 'options' tab in any program that you have loaded on your PC and remove the option that tells you that this program should load when windows loads. But some programmers unfortunately do not follow these recommended practices and do not give these options and that is what I am stuck with.

It is always a better option to disable these softwares from loading at startup through the applications main interface itself as there are fewer chances that some other hidden processes that the program is loading (as in the case of antiviruses) that you are not aware of may crash if you manage to shut off just one of them as all the names on msconfig do not always make sense when you read their crptic filenames.

Dr Alok Modi MD

  alpalok 12:47 07 Nov 2005

Hi w1z8rd
Thanks for the link. Lin's work is a well known work and I had used it when I had Win 98. I will tr it again in XP. But I was looking for registry key modification. That is a sure shot solution, is'nt it?

  iambeavis 12:53 07 Nov 2005

You should be clicking on the last tab (startup) in msconfig, not the first one (general).

  Coff 12:54 07 Nov 2005

Autorun entries from Registry for XP :

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and RunOnce

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and RunOnce

If the programs you are concerned about don't give you the option within their interfaces to disable them as start up items, I think you are better using a Start Up Manager program, as above, or msconfig, to disable, rather than delete the items in the registry. In the registry these disabled items are then placed in a sub folder named Run- and RunOnce-, in the above locations.

The System Configuration Utility, which includes msconfig, is really intended as a diagnostic tool and not meant for making permanent changes. There's no harm in the diagnostic start, however, and you just tick the box to stop showing the message.

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