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  carper 10:01 26 May 2005

I have posted the following under a different heading but didn't get a satisfactory result

"I am trying to delete Firefox1.0.2with add/remove programmes before updating to Firefox 1.0.4. and get the error message Uninstall log not found HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\software\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\1.0.2(en-GB\Uninstall Log folder Can someone please advise Thanks in advance Carper"

A suggestion was that I run Ccleaner but this doesn't work. Another suggestion is that I reinstall 1.0.2 but I can't find a download which is carrying the old programme. It has been suggested that I load Firefox 1.0.4 but I understand that this could cause a conflict Any help pleae??
Thanks in advance

  Pooke100 10:20 26 May 2005

install 1.0.4 over the top, have you tried that?

if it doesn't work you could use a restore point to go back.


  dagwoood 10:59 26 May 2005

carper, you can download v1.0.2 from here click here

HTH, dagwoood.

  carper 13:21 26 May 2005

Thanks Dagwood. that worked a treat. I'll now load 1.0.4
Regarsd Carper

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