remove pics/video from pc

  poshman31 21:32 15 Oct 2010

Hi all, i know how to transfer my pics/video from pc to external drive, but can you tell me how to remove them from pc to create more space

as an experiment i deleted a few pics from pc but when i looked in the expansion drive it had deleted from there too ! i then tried by deleting them from pc with ext HD unplugged but when i reconnected it still had deleted them cheers P M

  john bunyan 21:52 15 Oct 2010

When you make a copy for the externalHD, do you use Windows Explorer and copy the pictures in the conventional way? If so they should be independant and not delete when you delete them on the PC. May be worth creating a differently named folder on the external drive and putting the copies there.

  lotvic 03:14 16 Oct 2010

Please tell us exactly what method and program you use to transfer your pics/video from pc to external drive.
And the Drive Letters e.g. C:\ or D:\ or E:\ or F:\ etc.

  mooly 07:56 16 Oct 2010

Just as an aside to this, if you work a lot with pictures and edit them then have a look at the following file path on your PC,

C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows Photo Gallery\Original

Even if you delete a picture, if it's been edited at all, the original is still here, and could take a lot of space up if you have many.

  john bunyan 10:20 16 Oct 2010

To find this you need to "show hidden files" in folder options - in my case it is absent as I do not have Windows Photo Gallery. Hopefully poshman31 will answer some of the questions posed so those who wish to help nay do so.
What OS? etc

  iscanut 10:28 16 Oct 2010

One thing I do not understand is that if the External HD is nor connected, how do files get deleted from it ?

  mooly 12:21 16 Oct 2010

Thanks John... it took me ages to discover this folder existed at all. I asked on here how Windows could "undo" edits at any future time and rebuild the original, and in all the sugestions no one mentioned that as soon as an edit is made the original picture is copied and stored hidden from view.

As you say the OP has to come back to us to give more info :)

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