Remove partition on External disk

  RWBCAM 20:27 26 Jul 2007

Some months ago I purchased a 120 Gb External Disk, mainly for doing back-ups. Unfortunately I was playing around with some freebie backup software from the magazine and I accidently partitioned my external disk.

Now when I switch on my external disk, I see drive E: 60Gb and unallocated 60Gb (approx). So the unallocated portion has now become unavailable to me.

I would be most grateful if anyone could suggest a way in which I can make Drive E: have all its 120Gb available to me and not just half of it please. I use Vista 32 bit for the Operating system.

  recap 22:25 26 Jul 2007

Format the unallocated partition via control panel/admin tools/computer management/disk management. It should then become available

  RWBCAM 18:29 27 Jul 2007

Thanks 'recap' for your helpful response. If I do this, will this then become a new drive? So would my external disk then be, for example, Drive E: for half of it and then the previously unallocated half become Drive F: ?

Or is it possible that the whole of the 120Gb on my Drive E: could then be available as solely Drive E: ?

  Diemmess 18:06 28 Jul 2007

The posh way to do this is to acquire a copy of Partition Magic.

For combining partitions or making new ones, as well as a choice of format FAT, FAT32, or NTFS

This program will do exactly what you want with suitable warnings if you risk spoiling anything!

  Diemmess 18:19 28 Jul 2007

Probably "teaching Grannie to suck eggs" but...

If you make the rest of your ext. HD available as an extra drive you will of course need to format it. That's OK.

But if say using PM you combine the live partition with the present unallocated space DON'T use FORMAT,

It is unnecessary because the included space will already have taken the same format as the earlier Drive, and any formatting now will wipe the whole HD!

  RWBCAM 21:04 28 Jul 2007

Many thanks recap and Diemmess. Your answers led me to solve it but by a different route....

In Vista, I did go as you said, to the unallocated partition via control panel/admin tools/computer management/disk management. Then I right clicked on the unallocated part and it wouldn't let me format it. Then I right clicked the drive E: portion and there was an option "Extend volume". I selected it, followed a short wizard and it put all the unallocated part into Drive E. Yipee a great result!!!! I've had that problem for over a year now, so I'm pleased.

Looking at Partition Magic, I'm not sure that there is a version for Vista? But fortunately I didn't need it.

  Diemmess 09:19 29 Jul 2007

That's good.
You might have a point about PM & Vista.
I first used PM as a Godsend with 98, then 2000 and XP. Have not even dabbled with Vista...yet!

  norman47 20:24 29 Jul 2007

That is a usefull feature of Vista. It just takes disk management form XP up to a new level.

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