remove partition

  [email protected] 11:29 20 Jan 2007

im unable to burn a recovery tools disk, i have made recovery disks.
is it possible to remove my e partition without the tools disk?
tia adam

  [email protected] 13:03 20 Jan 2007


  Gongoozler 13:13 20 Jan 2007

Hi adman 2. I think one of the reasons that you haven't yet had an answer to your question is that the question is incomplete and so doesn't have a direct answer. What is a recovery tools disk? What is your E partition and do you want to delete the partition without losing any data? Also give any other information about your computer that might be helpful to anyone giving an answer.

  [email protected] 13:23 20 Jan 2007

yeah sorry, when i had pc it had a recovery partition on hdd, on installation it asked me to make a recovery disk set, which i did no probs, it also said i can make a recovery tools disk to remove the recovery partition to give me more space.
on the recovery disk window i get 2 options, 1 use recovery tools cd and 2,create recovery tools cd.
if i select create cd it opens draw and says insert writable cd and close door, when i do i get a window stating 'no media' and a choice to open sonic or windows media player, i have tried rewritable and single use dvds (is this where im going wrong?)
amd athlon 64 3500+
windows xp home sp2
80 gb 7200 hdd partitioned c & e(recovery sector)
160 gb 7200 hdd used as slave
hope this helps

  [email protected] 15:26 20 Jan 2007
  Gongoozler 16:04 20 Jan 2007

"No media" usually means that the cd writer hasn't recognised that there is a writeable disk in the tray. Have you tried writing to a disk in any other way to prove that the cd writer is working? Also is it really worth recovering the small E partition.

  ed-0 16:14 20 Jan 2007

How much space has the E partition? A couple of Gb's, hardly worth it out of what you have.

If you are saying that you have burned the recovery disks, for backup and it is just the recovery tools that will not format the partition. Then you should be able to format the partition via windows. What you can not do via windows is to merge the formatted partition onto the main "C" drive, so in effect giving you one continuous drive. you would need third party software to do that.

Thats if I have got it right~~)

  [email protected] 16:16 20 Jan 2007

i agree, i wondered if i should try a cd and not a dvd, the only time i have used the writer was to make the recovery disks, it seemed to sense the correct disk, because the first disk iused was rewritable and it told me to change for a single use disk, and it made the recovery disks fine, i think i better do some reading on my dvd writer!
i suppose i may leave it as it is, the partition is 5.60 gb and its fat 32 where the others are ntfs.
thanks for the reply, i just wondered if i was missing something obvious.
thanks again

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