Remove old Backups.

  Newuser582 17:00 07 May 2004

I have recently bought a second hard drive letter F to be used for backing up my main drive letter C.

I use the Windows XP Backup programme with no trouble.

After several full backups I have deleted ( or so I thought ) some of the earlier full backups.

When I check on the hard disk properties it is showing that the disk is nearly full and the earlier backups are still taking up the space although these have been supposedly deleted.

The only way I found to remove them complete was to Format the the F drive using Disk management.

Any ideas?

  GaT7 23:31 09 May 2004

[Found you on the 10th page so 'bumping' you up for others to offer help. Good luck, G]

  €dstowe 06:49 10 May 2004

How did you delete the old backup files?

I find that if you locate the file you want to remove, RIGHT click on its icon and check "delete" it will go. Mind you, this will not physically remove the data from the drive, it just removes Windows' ability to locate it so that it can be overwritten so, in some circumstances, it may appear that the disk is full when in fact it isn't and is usable.

Please come back if there's still a problem.


  €dstowe 13:29 10 May 2004


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