Remove IRQ Conflicts

  User-3348FFC9-92CE-414E-B58EDF0B921C07F8 16:00 01 Jun 2006

I am having a problem with a Dazzle DVC90 & Pinnacle have advised me to remove IRQ conflicts as listed,
IRQ 16 ALi PCI to USB Open Host Card

IRQ 21 VIA Rev 5 or later USB 2.0 Universal Host Controller
IRQ 21 D-Link DUB-A2 USB 2.0 PCI Host Card

How do I do This? keep it as simple as poss' I am a very old silver surffer

  jack 17:38 01 Jun 2006

I hope things have changed now in XP for as I
recall in the '98era, Windoze set IRQ's and there was nothing to be done except to remove of the conflicting items.

  ade.h 17:54 01 Jun 2006

click here Some of these articles may help you. IRQs are not one of my specialist areas of knowledge.

  ade.h 18:21 01 Jun 2006

I have just noticed that you have duplicated this thread in the Helproom. Please avoid duplicating threads; it's not considered good form and leads to the rest of us responding to different threads and seeing only half the posts. Makes it harder for you to keep track as well.

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