Remove Hardware disconnects Broadband

  Salinger 21:43 06 Dec 2004

Every time I click on "Remove Hardware" icon it disconnects me from BT. Any suggestions apart from removing my Card Reader without clicking the icon?

  sean-278262 22:56 06 Dec 2004

In general it wont harm the card reader to just straight unplug it. the only way that it can harm anything is if it is still writing to it. so wait till it is finished and unplug without safely remove hddware. also are you sure you are not disconnecting the BB modem when you remove hardware. make sure as it could be simply you are using the wrong item to unplug.

  Salinger 23:02 06 Dec 2004

I am aware of the caveat regarding removing a device that is still being written to or being accessed. No I am NOT clicking on the modem by mistake. I get disconnected merely by clicking the icon without selecting an item to disconnect.

  Diemmess 10:24 07 Dec 2004

I don't have a Remove Hardware icon

I can't talk about XP, but have used 98SE and now 2000......... 98SE has no such niceties you just pull the plug at the appropriate moment!

2K gives me a thingy in the bottom task bar looking like a a small flat slab with a green arrow parallel and above it. Waving the mouse over it says "Unplug or eject hardware".. clicking on it will show a list of storage devices and the USB modem. Choosing the correct "storage device" will avoid the scolding that inevitably follows simply pulling the plug.
Am I talking sense?

  Graham ® 10:53 07 Dec 2004

Is the card reader on the same USB hub as the ADSL modem? If so, therein lies the problem.

  Salinger 11:56 07 Dec 2004

You just described the "Remove Hardware" icon.

Graham ®
The ADSL Modem is plugged into one of the original USB 1.1 sockets on the PC, the Card Reader is plugged into a new USB 2.0 socket.

  Gongoozler 11:57 07 Dec 2004

I never use "Remove Hardware" when removing a card from my reader or unplugging the reader, and after 2 years and 2500 photos this has never given a problem in either Windows 98se or XP, but it is important that the card isn't being written to or read from when unplugging.

  Diemmess 12:15 07 Dec 2004

On the face of it you have a very similar card arrangement to mine. Thinking back, the present system was running with a memory pen, printer, card reader, and external HD all USB 2, - before I added the BB modem to a spare original USB 1.1 mobo socket.

Perhaps it may be worth the trouble of removing and re-installing the BB modem. It is, after all likely to be the one item apart from a printer which needs individual installation.

  Salinger 12:26 07 Dec 2004

Looks like the only answer is to do it the "wrong way" and remove the card reader "hot"

I don't feel like uninstalling and reinstalling the modem! Might cause more problems!

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