remove hardware

  the pie eater 23:29 21 Nov 2004

Hi and good eveing what i am trying to do is to remove all software and hard ware for bluetooh done the soft ware i think but cant seem to get rid of hard ware, yes i have gone into contro panel etc but the hard ware is still there ?

  Night Ryder 23:38 21 Nov 2004

If the hardware is an itegral part of the system, the only thing you can do is disable it. This will stop your system from persistantly reporting new hardware and trying to install the software. Alternitely you may be able to disable this in BIOS.

  Technotiger 07:49 22 Nov 2004

Hi, do you know what hardware is involved? is it a pci board or usb add-on? If a board then simply remove it from the pc - or maybe, if usb then disable in BIOS as Night Ryder suggests. Good luck.

  the pie eater 13:45 22 Nov 2004

thank you both but as a compleate novice where do i start it is the bluetooh dongle i am trying to get rid off how do i get into the bios to stop it ?

  Technotiger 14:26 22 Nov 2004

to get into BIOS - shut down computer, then restart as normal, immediately during boot-up hold down the Del key on your keyboard. This will then bring up a Menu called CMOS Setup Utility, look closely and you will see that it gives instructions as to which keys to use for navigating the menus. I am not familiar with Bluetooth but would guess that you need to navigate through to Integrated Peripherals to find and then disable Bluetooth; though it might be somewhere else in the BIOS - if so, I am sure someone else will come on and put you straight. Good luck.

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