Remove DVD Rom to Install DVD writer

  dumb brunette 17:41 28 Sep 2007

Hi I have just purchased an internal DVD writer which came with no installation instructions. Useful, not! Anyway being a dumb brunette I have no idea how to remove my DVD Rom to install the writer without probably breaking something. My harddrive is Packard Bell. SOS!

  rawprawn 17:51 28 Sep 2007

I am not certain what you mean. Is your disc stuck in the drive? if so have you tried right click on the drive and select "Eject"
If that is not working and you are trying to eject a CD, there is a pinhole on the drive. Push the end of a paper clip gently into the hole and it will eject it.

  Zorgalite 18:03 28 Sep 2007

Have a look at this, a guide on this job, click here
Hope this helps.

  Quiller. 18:04 28 Sep 2007

It is fairly straight forward.

1) open the case and locate the rear of the dvd drive.

2) pull out the 4 pin power connector and the flat wide ribbon cable. It may also have a 3 pin audio cable, if it has pull this out.

3) take out the 4 screws that hold the drive. 2 on either side. then just push the drive from the rear and it will come out at the front.

4) You now need to prepare the drive. i.e. the jumper setting. Look at the top of the OLD dvd drive and you will see some jumper settings labeled. They will say things like, master, slave , cable select. Now check on the old DVD drive and see what the jumper setting is. You will have to make the same setting on the new drive. So if the old drive was master, the new drive has to be master.

5) slide the drive into the slot and fix the 4 screws.

6) connect both cables to the drive and make sure you get them the correct way around. PS The red stripe on the ribbon cable matches the red wire on the power plug. Insert the audio lead if it has one.

7) start the computer.

You do have one major problem in that it seems you have a drive with no software. You do need software to burn dvd disk and to watch dvd movies.

  Diemmess 18:07 28 Sep 2007

You are faced with fitting a DVD RW instead of a DVD ROM?

Assuming that you unplug at the wall first, then:-

Open the box.... it is easy when you have done it before!

Disconnect the power cable (Red yellow blacks etc). Also the data cable (ribbon multi conductor) from the back of the DVDROM.

There will be at least 2 screws holding the old unit in place, and probably( these days) some cunning way of releasing the old unit from the case.
It will usually withdraw from the front.

Once you have the old one in your hands you simply reverse everything you have done using the new unit, and Bobs-yer-uncle.

When you switch on again. Windows should show it as present and it should read any CD or DVD you put in the slot.
Burning disks depends on your software.
Some come bundled with the drive and there is a generic way in XP, doubtless (I hope in Vista)

Anyway get the drive acknowledged first and come back to the forum if you have trouble making it work.

  dumb brunette 10:34 30 Sep 2007

Hi Guys, all your advice was spot on. Dont how I managed it but did! So please wiht myself. I'll certainly be using this website in future for my PC issues, why didnt I find you earlier x Jackie

  Diemmess 14:41 30 Sep 2007

Thank you for the feedback. Glad the 1st time was a success.
It gets easier once you realise that actually replacing hardware is very easy, with the proviso that you must replace with a compatable unit, and be ready for any sometimes more difficult changes in software.

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