Remove all Windows update installation files?

  rj :) 15:01 21 Jul 2007

I'm looking to reclaim some hard disk space (about 1GB worth). Whenever XP downloads updates from Microsoft e.g. SP2, WMP11, "patch tuesday" etc, i've noticed that there are a lot of Uninstall folders in C:\Windows e.g. $NtUninstallwmp11$ or $ntservicepackuninstall$ (i have SP2 files stored in c:\). Usually in blue.
I have no intentions of rolling back to previous installs so my question is;

Is it safe to manually delete all these folders (select all and press delete) or is there a specific way to delete these folders? Also how do i clean up add/remove programs to remove these entries?

I'm sure this has been covered in previous discussions or earlier issues of PC Advisor but i can't find the articles.

Many thanks!

  SANTOS7 15:03 21 Jul 2007

you can delete these folders, just as long as you are sure as you don't want to uninstall that particular Windows update. Your best bet would be to keep them, but if your are desperate for hard disk space wait for a week or two to insure that the updates you have installed are running fine, and then you can delete the corresponding NtUnistall folder safely.

  VoG II 15:05 21 Jul 2007
  Andy1991 20:30 21 Jul 2007

CCleaner http:\\click here

Clears ur updates installers as u asked and mush more, and the first time u run it an save a lot of space! I recommend, u can even make it run every so often so don't have to tend to it, but just in case u do need them again back the update installers up on to a CD or something.

  paul€ 20:35 21 Jul 2007

To claim back some harddrive space have you checked your system restore settings.

System restore uses 12% of your hard drive space so if you are using a modest 80Gb drive system restore will be taking 9Gb of that drive. You can alter it so it uses less of the hard drive. Around 1Gb for system restore is enough.

  Coff 20:47 21 Jul 2007

In addition to the above, windows updates are initially downloaded to the Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder and installed from there. After they have been installed you can delete everything in that Download folder. If you've never cleared the contents of that folder it will be holding hundreds of MB.

You'll also see reference to windows updates in the Windows\$hf_mig$ folder. Don't delete anything in that folder.

  rj :) 13:03 23 Jul 2007

Thanks to all who posted. There seem to be some good hints and tips in there which i'll try

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