Removal of Security Update Q811493?

  DTP Mick 12:16 03 Jul 2003

Page 146 of the August edition of PC Advisor suggests in a Reader's Tip that Q411493 is the culprit for slowing down XP PCs. The Add/Remove Programs applet displays the security fix but selecting it does not reveal a Change/Remove button.
How can this be removed to restore performance again - or are MS working to resolve the performance issue?

Microsoft released a new version of Q811493 a little while ago, and this was supposed to cure the slow response problem.

  Jester2K II 12:47 03 Jul 2003

There has been a newer veriosn since. You would know if you had the older slower version becuase you would be here asking "why is my PC so slow after installed Q811493"

I still can't stop my PC form installing it over and over agian... Any one else??

  DTP Mick 13:09 03 Jul 2003

I've downloaded the updated version of Q811493, according to MS it's the updated one released on 28th May 2003. I've run the install and will let you know if it's quicker - first imprsssion is positive so far.

  Taw 14:07 03 Jul 2003

I,ve installed this twice the second time was the "newer" version both times it created havoc on my pc by making it crash every few seconds. The last time I uninstalled it was through the normal add emove option. i dont think i'll load it again, can anyone tell me if it is of great importance?

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