Removal & installation of Pentium 4 CPU (PROBLEMS)

  Wolfman22 13:07 17 Jan 2006

Hello to you all.

Just came across this site, and already I need help!

I removed a P4 CPU from the MB, I uncliped the 2 arms on either side and very carfully lifted it out. I needed to remove it because the hardrive which needed replacing would not come out unless the CPU was removed (stupid design!).

I put the new drive in and then slowly put the CPU back in, making sure not to bend any pins. Pushed the arms back down and then tried to restart the computer. Nothing happens. Not even the BIOS loads. No error beeps or anything.

Power is getting to the motherboard, all the fans are spinning and the harddrive spins up for about 5 seconds. The monitor stays off. I have checked all the leads and reseated the memory and cards.

Because the CPU is till attachted to the heatsink and fan, I have been unable to use the little CPU lever (the ZIF lever?).

Would putting the CPU back in without using the lever allow the CPU to sit properly?
Or do I have to remove the heatsink and sit the CPU first?

Any ideas?

Cheers in advance.

  DieSse 13:15 17 Jan 2006

*Would putting the CPU back in without using the lever allow the CPU to sit properly?*

This is absolutely NOT the way to remove and refit CPUs.

You may have damaged it - and/or it may be not seated correctly in the socket.

Take off the heatsink and fan - use the lever to remove the CPU (if it actually is inserted. Check the CPU for damaged /bent pins. Clean the old heatsink compound off the CPU and heatsink. Replace the CPU, and push the lever down - refit the heatsink/fan.

Keep your fingers crossed.

  Wolfman22 13:28 17 Jan 2006

Thanks for the reply.

I know there are no bent pins as I have removed the CPU and checked. So in that respect everything is OK, but like you say, the CPU may be dead now.

I'm just hoping it's because it's not seated properly.

What way would you suggest to get the heatsink and CPU apart, they are stuck solid.

  DieSse 15:26 17 Jan 2006

Try - a razor blade - twisting rather than pulling - a little alcohol to loosen the bond.

  DieSse 15:29 17 Jan 2006

It's not impossible you've damaged the socket rather than the CPU - so once again - fingers crossed.

I've taken out older CPUs that have given problems when refitting. All connections corrode/tarnish a little. It's a good idea to gently do the lever up and down a few times - this allows the contacts to *wipe* the pins and clean them.

  Wolfman22 15:41 17 Jan 2006

I'll give it a go tonight after work.

I'll post back here and let you know how I got on.

Fingers crossed it will be OK!

Thanks for your time DieSse.

  Wolfman22 19:54 17 Jan 2006


Carfully seperated the CPU and heatsink, installed the CPU the "right" way, used a little of the magic thermal paste and turned it on.....

I was crapping myself! But everything is working perfectly.

Thanks again DieSse. Very much appreciated.

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