Removal of data from C drive.

  Press Man 21:41 24 Apr 2004

Hi Guys,
Am I correct in thinking that when the command, Format/C: is used, not all the data is removed?
If this is the case, can the remaining data be removed, if so, is there any software along with instructions available to achieve this?

OS: ME, Processor AMD 1.1, 40gig HDD

Thanks in advance.

  Cuddles 21:54 24 Apr 2004

The only guaranteed way to remove ALL data is to zero fill the hard drive, download the disc manager software for your hard drive and do low level and high level formats.

  woodchip 21:59 24 Apr 2004

Zero fill is not a low level format it just over writes data with as you said zero's. a low level allows you to mark out bad sectors of a hard drive something not possible with new drives and not needed

  pc moron 22:18 24 Apr 2004

There is no way to completely remove all of the data from a hard drive.

After a format forensic software will be able to recover a lot of the data that existed prior to the Fdisk/format.

Destruction of the drive is the only sure way to prevent access to its contents.

I've seen hard disks disolved in acid to ensure that the contents are destroyed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:48 24 Apr 2004

Unless you are a spook, format C will be more than enough. There is no need to get ultra paranoid here.


  Cuddles 19:17 25 Apr 2004

Woodchip if i was you i would go back and do some revision as zero filling a hard drive is a method used by the M.O.D for data destruction.

  woodchip 20:06 25 Apr 2004

It is, but it was not created for that purpose, it was created so a IDE could have the bad sectors marked out. You have not been computing long enough to have done it, I have.

  Pesala 20:33 25 Apr 2004

From the May edition of PC Advisor.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:55 25 Apr 2004

Oooops1 Wrong page. Thought I'd hit the GCHQ page by mistake;-)))


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