Remotely controlling a TV for the elderly

  setecio 10:55 07 Oct 2009

An unusual one ....

Would anyone know of equipment that can remotely control a TV from another location for an elderly person who can't. NOT for setting programme recording but for live channel change.

Anything along the lines of :

Remote control via the internet
Remote control via mobile phone

or even a voice activated remote control for themselves to speak into.


  gengiscant 10:58 07 Oct 2009

something like this?
click here

  gengiscant 11:00 07 Oct 2009

other gear here.
click here

  wjrt 12:35 07 Oct 2009
  Seth Haniel 13:10 07 Oct 2009

can be programmed by the remote control - press Guide look for 'reminders' and highlight program desired (up to 10 a day) and that changes the channel at the alloted time. My workmate goes to his mothers each day and sets the tv that way for the rest of the day and it works fine.

  setecio 18:55 07 Oct 2009

Yep wjrt, it looks like the slingbox will do the job. Thanks.

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