Remote use of a networked PC

  Mr. Chips 16:29 23 Jan 2007

Does this make sense?
I have a sparkling new PC which works well.
It is networked to my 'old' PC which was causing problems, mainly, I think, because of too many down-loaded free pieces of software (to do this that and the other, which I always seem to have the need to do!)

This 'old' PC is networked, but has no keyboard, screen nor mouse.

What I would like to do is access this old PC using my 'new' PC's keyboard/screen etc., so that I can use the old PC's hard drive for new down-loads, which can be run there(remotely).

Does this make sense? ... if so .....
What software would I need to achieve this?
Any there any pit-falls to consider?


  Scottiedogg 16:42 23 Jan 2007

You will need I/O devices (mouse etc.) to set it up. Set up as a home network, connecting both PC's with an Ethernet CROSSOVER cable (normal patch won't work). Set up as you would a normal home network, ensuring that the old PC needs no login details to start windows. Ensure you set relevant file sharing properties etc. You should be fine without any 3rd party software, depending on O/S etc of 'old PC', this should work ok.
Hope this helps!

  SLAYER 16:44 23 Jan 2007

kvm switch.

click here

  Mr. Chips 17:19 23 Jan 2007

Slayer . I did think of this, but I couldn't stand the thought of even more cabling in my already wire infested set-up.

ScottieDog ... I did try this but I think that (to keep everything seperate for mt New PC), I need to go into the old PC's Program direcetory to run the old PC's Internet Explorer to get the stuff down-loaded onto the old PC's Hard Drive / Desktop etc.

I can't seem to get 'sharing' rights' on this directory fronm the New PC.

Ideally I would be able to effect a Left Click on the old PC's START icon (bottom left of the screen) to start up any alpplication I wanted on the OLD PC.

Is this asking too much ..... is there another solution?
regards, and thanks for your help thus far.

  FreeCell 18:06 23 Jan 2007
  Mr. Chips 14:15 26 Jan 2007


I did try Logmein, but as I was trying to access two PC's on the same IP number, I think it thought I was trying to access my own PC, rather than my 'remote' one.
My situation is this:-
I have two PC's on the same network.
The old one has no screen, keyboard nor mouse.
What I would like to do is just turn on the old PC power switch, and then use some software (what software is the question?) on my new PC to run the old one.
Using just the network, I can access the files on the old PC, but I can't actually run software remotely on the old PC, using the new PC.

Is there any way of doing this please?

  FreeCell 14:59 26 Jan 2007

I have used Logmein to control another PC on my own home network so it should work. Having no screen or keyboard shouldn't make any difference but you do have to install logmein component on the "dumb" PC and make it autostart.

Both PCs shouldn't have the same IP address though as this would confuse the network communication.

  FreeCell 15:01 26 Jan 2007

P.S. Haven't looked in detail myself yet but have you tried/read about remote compter access in this months PCA magazine. Has a copy of Laplink on the DVD (not sure about CD version)

  Mr. Chips 16:09 31 Jan 2007

Freecell ... many thanks for all your attention to this issue.
I did try to manage the situation using LogMeIn again, but could not shake the system from thinking that I was trying to access my own PC. ... So I gave up.

Slayer. my memories of a K/B swich goes back to the 'old' days when it was a massive wired switch with a dirty great knob on the front ... and the video quality was useless. Following your link I bought a Linksys software switch from Novatech and it is beautiful. It works a dream ... very many thanks for dispelling my old-fashioned views of switches.

Thanks to you all ... I am now a happy bunny.



  FreeCell 17:07 31 Jan 2007

Great. Glad you got things sorted.

  SLAYER 19:19 31 Jan 2007

Your welcome.

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