Remote Shutdown

  evalesco 13:47 21 Jul 2007

I am having trouble using the shutdown command in command prompt to shutdown another PC on my home network (Both PCs running XP home). I can use it to shutdown my own PC - that works fine.

When I try to shutdown the remote PC, I get the message, "The network path was not found". I am using the syntax:

shutdown -s -m \\[ComputerName]

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with rights and permissions but both the PCs have just one administrator account without a password. The account name is the same on both PCs.

I really would like to get this working using the command line, not using third party software.

Thanks a lot. :)

  brundle 17:20 21 Jul 2007

Perhaps you dont need `-s`.
click here
Can you ping the computer using its network name? Can you ping it using its IP address?

  martjc 17:54 21 Jul 2007

...try it without -s, this switch just shuts the machine you are working on, not a remote one.

  evalesco 17:56 21 Jul 2007

Thanks. I have tried without -s but no joy - the syntax is rejected.

I can ping the computer with its network name and its IP address. I can also use net send.

  martjc 17:58 21 Jul 2007

...the slashes before ComputerName are outside square brackets in your example, but inside the bracket in brundle's link.

  evalesco 18:03 21 Jul 2007

A good point. I have tried with and without the slashes but it seems to make no difference. The same error message is displayed, "The network path was not found"

  evalesco 21:00 21 Jul 2007


  brundle 22:16 21 Jul 2007

Maybe some of these suggestions will help; click here

  evalesco 22:30 21 Jul 2007

Thanks but I think those suggestions are for XP profressional. I don't think XP home has 'administrative tools'?

  Switcher 04:59 22 Jul 2007

Try this site click here for advice

  Switcher 05:04 22 Jul 2007

You said that you tried without the slahes, I take it that you meant without the BRACKETS.

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