remote mouse cicking or am I just paranoid?

  harpo 23:26 01 Dec 2004

Hello all

The voices in my head are starting to scream - or is it just me????

Of late, my PC has of it's own volvition from time to time started utilising almost 100% of the processor power and temporarily freezing open apps. After a couple of minutes it stops and all is ok again

Now I notice when connected (broadband) that I can hear loads of clicking noises that sound like either mouse clicks or keystrokes.

I have zone alarm with antivirus and even when the only app I have open is the connection itself the traffic monitor goes wild for inward hits

Clicking stops when not net connected

Task list shows no other apps open and perf monitor shows little cpu usage and yet the processor is going nuts and I can't get any apps to move

machine is athlon 2600+, 1GB DDR RAM

Friend suggests a trojan or worm that may not be getting picked up by spybot or other adware tracker or mebbes that the clicking is caused by the firewall blocking intrusion attempts..

Please help , the voices are returning....



  Cook2 23:29 01 Dec 2004

Have you tried Stinger or Avast Cleaner?

click here

click here

  Forum Editor 23:31 01 Dec 2004

at your firewall log? It will tell you how many intrusion attempts have been blocked.

  harpo 23:47 01 Dec 2004


Cook2 - I'll try these programs you suggest -thank you

Forum editor - intrusion attempts are up over 4000 now from only a couple of hundred before this started. I haven't added any local networks or peripherals that are not listed in the zonealarm as ok so I don't think they are causing the intrusion attempts as they are exempt


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