Remote Desktop Connection

  time and a half 15:10 13 Sep 2011

I'm trying to connect to a PC (windows 7) on a company network using remote desktop. I keep getting the message "the remote computer could not be authenticated due to problems with its security certificate. It may be unsafe to proceed" I don't get this message when I connect to XP Pro machines on the same network. Remote access is enabled on the remote PC and I have UAC switched off at the moment. I succesfully install the certificate on the host computer (XP Pro) but still get the same message. Network software is Windows Server 2003 SBE.

  Woolwell 15:12 13 Sep 2011

Check the time and date on the system.

2 posts about the same problem don't mean quicker answers just confusion.

  Woolwell 15:14 13 Sep 2011

Sorry hadn't opened first. Seems you hit post too quickly. As FE to remove first one.

  time and a half 15:18 13 Sep 2011

Sorry. I hit the post button too soon. I've asked FE to remove the first one.

  Woolwell 15:25 13 Sep 2011

Checked times?

  Woolwell 15:25 13 Sep 2011

Checked times?

  time and a half 15:38 13 Sep 2011

Times checked. They were slightly different, now amended but same error message.

  Woolwell 15:44 13 Sep 2011

Turn off the W7 Firewall and see what happens.

  time and a half 16:05 13 Sep 2011

Turned off the firewall. Same error message.

  Woolwell 16:26 13 Sep 2011

Sorry - more experience required.

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