Remote Assistance problem

  Simsy 18:38 15 Sep 2006


I asked about remote assitance a couple of days ago, click here

I'm trying to get Remote Assistance to work. I'm testing it out with a pal, (we both have XP home and BBand).

He sent me an invitation, but I was unable to connect. I suspect, from other searching on the 'net that the problem is that his firewall wont let me in...

We haven't tried in the other direction yet, (him helping me), but trying to anticipate the problem I looked for help...

The help within Windows XP says that If using a firewall other than the XP built in one I shopuld make sure port 3389 is open...

So I look at the help within ZoneAlarm, (Free version), and it says;


Select Firewall>Main.

In either the Trusted Zone or Internet Zone area, click Custom.

The Custom Firewall settings dialog appears.


The problem is that when I select Firewall>Main there isn't a "Custom" button.

Is this because the ability to open port 3389, (or any specified port for that matter), is not available in the free version? Does the Help file only cover the paid for version?

Assuming the answers to both the above are "Yes", can we make a connection to make this work with the firewall running, (I think my pal has zone alarm as well... I didn't check at the time), or do we both have to run without firewall?

Thanks in anticipation,



  silverous 19:21 15 Sep 2006

If you, or ypur friend, or both, are behind some kind of adsl/cable router then it is loikely that it is doing NAT (network address translation) so your connection to his ip is going to his router and it is acting as the ip address you connect to but it doesn't have remote assistance capability itself and doesn't know what to do with the request.

You might have to configure port forwarding on one or both to ensure it knows to pass the traffic on from that port to the local Ip address within the home network.

If either of your routers have firewalls then they will likely be impacting also.

If this doesn't apply, and you think zonealarm is the issue, turn it off for a few minutes... Minimal likelihood of that being a particular time when something nasty tries to get in!

Hope this helps.

  Simsy 20:26 15 Sep 2006

we're going to check a gain later!



  Simsy 21:35 15 Sep 2006

we both have ZoneAlarm free... the recipient of help needs to disable it, but can have the XP one running... and it all works.





  silverous 22:39 15 Sep 2006

Great news. I bet you if you wanted to you could configure the recipient one to allow the right traffic through.

So I take it neither of you have routers then, both got ADSL modems of some sort instead?

  silverous 22:40 15 Sep 2006

going to tick as resolved or want some help configuring zonealarm to allow it through?

  Simsy 22:48 15 Sep 2006

I've an adsl modem/router combined. I think my pal just has a voyager 105 usb modem.

If you can advise how to configure zonealarm to let it through I'd welcome it, yes please!... but forgive me... I'm just off to bed. Back at work in less than 6 hours!

I'll come back to this later. Many thanks,



  silverous 23:01 15 Sep 2006


That would explain it - if he tried to connect to you I bet it won't work (?) as your router will do NAT and you'll have to configure port forwarding.

This any use re: config of zonealarm, I don't use/know it, just did a seatch on their support forums:

click here



  Simsy 04:07 16 Sep 2006

connect to me OK... once I had turned off ZoneAlarm. I didn't have to do anything with my router. (Linksys ADSL2 Gateway with 4 ports).

I'll study the link later... not sure I understand it at the moment!




  Simsy 19:46 28 Sep 2006

From what I can gather, you can't open the port with the FREE version of ZoneAlarm.

If anyone knows different I'd appreciate knowing how!




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