remote assistance not working

  chrisjohn 20:03 06 Nov 2006

cant connect either way on both computers shows thisclick here
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any advice

  brundle 20:13 06 Nov 2006

Open port 3389 if you are using a router, same for the machine you are trying to connect to. Not a problem if both are on the same LAN....what is the configuration?

  chrisjohn 20:15 06 Nov 2006

they are at different parts of the country,how do i open port? thanks

  chrisjohn 20:19 06 Nov 2006

i have a netgear router,what do i do

  brundle 20:21 06 Nov 2006

The machine you are trying to connect to requires that port 3389 be open. How is the remote machine connected to the 'net? Standalone modem, or router, or even dialup. XP will usually automatically open port 3389 if Remote Assistance is enabled on the machine in question. Need to know if the machine connects directly via modem, or via a router, and which model of router if the latter is the case.

click here

Or maybe use this alternative click here

  chrisjohn 20:28 06 Nov 2006

the other pc is on NTL cable broadband,i have had it working a couple of months ago,all i have done since is fit new router,netgear wg834gt

  brundle 20:53 06 Nov 2006

Your router is not really the problem, it's the other end that needs to open a port. However it may help.
Type directly into your browser address bar. You should see the netgear login screen. If it is wireless you should have set up a proper password but the defaults are `admin` and `password`. Go to the connected devices tab to see what IP address the machine you are using has been allocated by the router. now click Port Forwarding
and add the service; port number 3389 and the IP address you just noted down. click apply, port 3389 is now open for that machine.
I am assuming the set up pages are similar to the netear rp614, most netgear routers are.

  brundle 20:58 06 Nov 2006

you should have something like this in your port list when done; click here

  chrisjohn 21:12 06 Nov 2006

their is no port fowarding,click here
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  chrisjohn 21:18 06 Nov 2006

sorry,thanks for all your help upto now.

  brundle 21:21 06 Nov 2006

Try clicking on `Services`

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