Remote access to my PC how???

  goose1984 17:55 27 Oct 2004


I have ntl broadband and i have just brought and installed a D-Link DI 604 router which shares the internet to 4 different computers. I want to access 1 of these machines remotely from any where in the world. I was led to believe this could be done without buying any new software but my question is how??

Thanx in advance

  hillybilly 18:02 27 Oct 2004

Check this out its free click here

  goose1984 18:08 27 Oct 2004

ok but do i need that software on both computers?

I want to be able to go into uni (where i can not install any programs or change any settings) and access my machine at home is this possible with this software?

  hillybilly 22:13 27 Oct 2004

No sorry it needs to be on both ends. You were talking world wide, I presumed you ere on the move with a laptop.

  goose1984 00:52 28 Oct 2004

Ok thanx anyways.

Anyone else have an idea they would like to share?

  hillybilly 08:25 28 Oct 2004

I would not try home to uni but, if you want to do uni to home, that is possible. You need to set up a virtual private network "VPN"

My problem is I cannot tell you how to do it, but I'm sure somebody can put us right!

  captain birdseye 09:10 28 Oct 2004

You need to check you particular uni's policy....I'm an IT Manager at one and we are very protective about how and why we let people access our systems from outside....we allow some access via the web (webmail, intranet etc) but very rarely allow direct access to other servers.

  hillybilly 16:32 28 Oct 2004

I don't think he wants to access the uni's servers, I think he wants to use their workstations to access his pc at home from the uni..

  TomJerry 16:47 28 Oct 2004

First all, it maynot work because ADSL broadband provided by many ISP is NOT always on. It normally discount after a long period of inactivity.

Free, but not easy to set up, use free software VNC (virtual network computing) suggested by "hillybilly". It would be quite differnt as you PC does not have a real IP address unless you use some DNS server.

Easy to setup, but cost you money: GoToMyPC click here, you can get a free 30 day trail.

Norton PCanywhere click here

Laplink everywhere click here

get a free trial to see if it work or not

  hillybilly 17:14 28 Oct 2004

Thought about all these, but he's not allowed to install software on the uni's computers.

  JonnyTub 17:26 28 Oct 2004

why not use xp's own remote access software click here

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