Reminder Before Switching Off

  NotSureBoutThis 13:14 18 Nov 2006


I have BB, and when we have finished on the computer I unplug the cable from the modem, however, is there any way I can put a reminder on my computer.

What I want to do is, when I click on > start > switch off, I get a pop up or something like that to remind me to unplug the cacle from the modem?

  NotSureBoutThis 13:26 18 Nov 2006

Sorry, I should have posted this within the absolute beginners forum

  Stuartli 13:32 18 Nov 2006

I never unplug my modem router cable - in fact it's on permanently even when the system is switched off.

  birdface 13:36 18 Nov 2006

I keep mine on all the time.If you want to turn it off, Why dont you just turn it of at the switch,Only liable to cause problems later the way you do it.

  Forum Editor 13:36 18 Nov 2006

Which means you're connected for long periods on the same IP address - there's a security risk. far better to unplug/switch off modems and/or routers. Quite apart from the safety risks there's an energy consumption implicaton.

  Simsy 13:37 18 Nov 2006

it's easy to have an audio file play as you close down.

I recorded a message saying, "Don't forget to turn of the speakers, monitor... etc", and this is played as part of the windows shutdown process.

Obviously, on the face of it, you need a microphone to be able to record it...

But it can be done if you have a "readback" feature in any programmes. Adobe acrobate reader does, (but you have to be able to create a pdf with the message)...

To change the closedown audio from the default windows "jingle"...

Control Panel>Sound Speech and Audio Devices>Change the sound scheme In the dialogue that appears click the "sounds" tab. In the "Programme events" box select and highlight "Exit Windows" and browse to your saved audio file.

Hope this helps,



  Diemmess 13:40 18 Nov 2006

........unless you are concerned about power surges or lightning damage - pull the landline connection

Once the computer has been deprived of power you are secure from any chance of alien access via the modem which also is without power.

If you want software instructions to remind you, then it might be more nuisance than help being one more stage in the shut down process.

  NotSureBoutThis 13:49 18 Nov 2006

As per FE post:

I was recommended to always unplug from the router, for added security risks.

Problem is my partner keeps forgetting to unplug it, as the modem is in another room.

  NotSureBoutThis 14:03 18 Nov 2006

Hello Simsy

OK, I am a complete beginner, so I am trying to follow your post.

I have Adobe acrobate Reader 7.0, I also have a microphone, but not sure how to go about recording a message.

Also, within my control panel I have sounds & audio devices, and another one speech, which one do I use.

  Simsy 15:30 18 Nov 2006

You need to start the sound recorder... I think it's on the start menu via Start>All Progs>Accessories>Entertainment (I've customised my start menu a lot, so that may not be the default location, but it's something like that!)

Then you need to check that your microphone is the record source... Click the speaker icon in the system tray... In the box that opens click Options>Properties>Recording and make sure there is a tick in the "Microphone" box... then click OK... in the box you now see put a tick in the box to select Microphone...

Now click the "Record" Button in the sound recorder, (Red button, bottom left), and start talking. When you've finished your message press the stop button and then File>Save to save the message as a wav file.

(As you have a microphone the adobe reader is a red herring... if you didn't have a microphone you could type your message, save it as a pdf and have the reader read it out and record that... a very cumbersome way to do it... but possible!)

When you have the message saved you can browse to it and select it as per my first post.

Regarding the control panel question... you ned to end up at with a box titled "Sounds and Audio devices Properties", and choose the "Sounds" tab.

Good luck,



i have bb and an internet phone attached to the hub, have never turned mine off as is advises against it, bt say the 2 firewalls are perfectly safe, have they missadvised me, i dont know anyone who unplugs, i have many friends who never turn pc off, including our IT guy at work who hasnt got any security

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