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  FatboySlim71 09:43 13 Jun 2009

Does anyone know how to get Internet Explorer 8 to remember usernames & passwords so that I will not have to enter them everytime I visit that website? I was able to do this OK with IE7 but I have never been able to with IE8.

I have already been into; tools/internet options/content/auto complete, but all of them are ticked that I think will need to be to enable the usernames & passwords to be saved, you can see from my below picture. I have also used the reset option which is in tools/internet options/ advanced section, but this made no difference.

click here

Has anyone been able to successfully get IE8 to remember usernames/passwords or get the prompt to appear to ask if they want that username/password remembered/saved. Any help would be much appreciated.

  birdface 09:48 13 Jun 2009

Tools.Internet Options.Content and settings.And make sure User names and passwords on forms is ticked.

  birdface 09:50 13 Jun 2009

Oops sorry you have tried that.

  birdface 09:57 13 Jun 2009

Have you tried.Tools. Delete browsing history.And make sure passwords are not ticked.Maybe also think about cookies.When I delete them I have to sign back into PCA and probably other programs.
So maybe you delete them on Browsing History.or maybe C Cleaner or IE7 PRO add-on.So you would always have to sign in.

  FatboySlim71 10:11 13 Jun 2009

Thanks buteman but I never use the 'delete browsing history' feature in Internet Explorer. Instead I use CCleaner and I have chose in the Options/Cookies section of CCleaner that I want to keep the cookies for the sites in question.

I do have IE7 Pro V2.4.5 installed, but I have checked in the Privacy section and all of the auto clear items are unticked.

  birdface 10:44 13 Jun 2009

I can only think maybe you have your security and privacy set to high in Internet Options.
or I suppose you could try it with your Firewall turned off.What about WinPatrol do you have that downloaded.

  FatboySlim71 10:53 13 Jun 2009

Thanks buteman.

The security is set on medium-high.

The privacy is set on medium.

I'll try it with firewall turned off and see what happens.

I do have WinPatrol downloaded but I very rarely run it and I do not have it running in the startup.

  FatboySlim71 10:56 13 Jun 2009

I tried switching Windows Firewall off but it made no difference.

  birdface 10:58 13 Jun 2009

I use IE8 and have no problems.The only time I have problems is when I delete my cookies in Browsing history and I expect that.
I suppose you could try.Internet Options.privacy.
Sites.Type in the address of the cookies that you want to save.And press the allow button.

  birdface 11:07 13 Jun 2009

Winpatrol is much the same under cookies you can either keep them or remove them.Tick show cookies on it.I have problems with it sometimes that when I delete the cookies they just come back so not sure if there is an easy way to save them on there.
You don't have Winpatrol running at start up.maybe you would be better removing it.You need it running at start up to stop anything from hijacking any of your programs.If you don't need it I would remove it.But I would search it first just to make sure that it is not blocking anything that you need.
You could remove it and see if it makes any difference as there is a new updated version out now if you wanted to use it again.

  FatboySlim71 11:07 13 Jun 2009

Thanks again buteman.

I have added the sites that I have found I am having problems with to internet options/privacy/sites section and I'll see how things go.

Just as a matter or interest buteman what do you have your security set at on IE8 and also what level is your privacy set at?

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