Reluctant startup

  Wulfrune 10:10 15 Dec 2005

Recently on the "other" computer I've experienced a situation where sometimes when I switch the computer on it won't power up. I found that jiggling the power plug at the back often coaxed it into life.... until the other day when it went belly up and refused to start full stop.
Thinking it was the PSU; I replaced it, to no avail.... thining then it MUST be the power switch on the case, I replaced the case... to no avail.... at this rate I'll be replacing the whole damn computer :(

I'm starting to suspect the Mobo... On that thought I think couldn't be the memory or I'd get some form of boot up albeit a failed one, same goes for the CPU.

Sometimes when I take the cable out for a while (10 mins) and plug it back it, it starts to boot up for about a second before dying.

PLEASE give me your wisdom :)

  CLONNEN 10:18 15 Dec 2005

Have you tried changing the actual power cable?

Try using your kettle power lead - if the computer boots okay with that your power lead needs replacing.

  Wulfrune 12:27 15 Dec 2005

Yes, I did try changing the cable but that didn't cure it... I should have mentioned this prior :(

any ideas anyone?

  CLONNEN 12:40 15 Dec 2005

You say you have already replaced the PSU - did you upgrade it or just buy an identical wattage to the old one?

My brother's machine originally had 300 watt PSU in it. He started to have problems getting his computer to boot up - the engineer replaced the PSU with a 400 watt model.

  CLONNEN 12:43 15 Dec 2005

The only other thing I can think of it that maybe your motherboard has overheated and damaged something vital to the system.

You could buy a whole new PC!

  Wulfrune 08:40 16 Dec 2005

I upgraded to a new higher wattage one.

Yesterday I was fiddling with the connection to the mobo and it sparked into life briefly then died.... I now suspec the mobo more than ever...


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