Reluctance to release Domain Name from Hosting Ser

  Rabi 21:55 13 Mar 2007

With all these Domain registering sites, and hosting services, does any one have any experience of having purchased a domain name & hosted it with the same company and had it transferred later on to another hosting company? I am told that in some cases, some of these web sites selling domain names are reluctant to allow a transfer to another hosting company, say, a year later when your initial hosting subscription runs out, unless exorbitant fees or penalties are imposed before a transfer is allowed or effected.

Any experiences on this? Or have most people just stayed with the companies they purchased domain names from?

  Forum Editor 01:15 14 Mar 2007

many people were driven to distractionwhen trying to transfer parked names from some registration companies. Broadly speaking, a name can be transferred very rapidly if everyone nvolved has the will to do it. If your name still hasn't been retagged to the new host within a week to ten days of your initial request being made you are entitled to suspect that someone is deliberately or negligently holding up the process.

It's fair to say that the situation has improved cnsiderably over the past few years, and most names now transfer fairly smoothly, although you'll need to keep an eye on the process.

Some companies make a charge to cover transfer administration costs, but this shouldn't be much - the process isn't rocket science.

  Rabi 15:00 14 Mar 2007

Thank you Forum Editor, reply appreciated, and to Fourm Member as well, both informative. And yes, Fourm Member, you are right, when I said "purchase", I did mean the right to use the domain name for a set period, with the right of first renewal before or at the time of expiry of the rental period.

My fear is that when this period has come to an end, or during as the case may be, whichever company would be the current host may be reluctant for me to switch over to another hosting company, and either frustrate my desire to legitimately switch hosting companies or charge exorbitant fees for the opportuniy to transfer.

In addition to what was written in the Terms & Conditions, I was hoping I could get some real experiences from Forum Members that would point a direction to a company with a good track record of allowing/facilitating/not preventing this, or experiences from forum member sthat would indicate the opposite, where they had found a particular company (or companies) notorious for not making it easy for a domain name "owner" to transfer.

  gibbs1984 15:58 14 Mar 2007

Just for the record I use fasthosts and they have been really helpful, answered a query of mine within 24 hours and haven't had a problem with them since.

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