Reloading XP

  Garry 11:30 18 Jun 2004

I have an illegal copy of XP Pro on my PC. It came from Kaza and I have downloaded the service pack 1. It is all working OK but I am aware that the new service pack (2)will probably stop me doing any further downloads.

I have removed Kaza and will no longer be using it.

What can I do about putting a legal copy of XP on the PC? I only want XP Home - can I load this onto the PC on top of what I have on there already or will this cause problems?

I can't remember if I had Windows 98 on the PC before XP - where do I look to check this?

Which version of XP Home is the best to get as there is a great difference in the price?

  dth 11:45 18 Jun 2004

Apparantly to help stop the spread of the ever growing number of Windows virus and bugs etc - MS have decided not to restrict SP2 to legit copies.

Anyway back to the question - if you have a set of installation discs for Windows 98 or Windows ME - you will only need to buy a copy of Windows XP Home up-grade version. When you use this - it will ask
you to put the CD for the early version into the drive to check eligibility for the up-grade version. There is NO need to actually install Win 98 or ME on your P/C.

  Brian-336451 11:46 18 Jun 2004

Look up Microsoft on the web and contact them, they will be more than happy to guide you into legalising XP, they may even be able to legalise the copy you've already got.

It's a much nicer feeling when all is kosher.

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