Reloading Windows XP problem

  Duncanf 22:56 06 Nov 2004

A friend has contacted me after just installing a new hard drive and the associated software that allowed formatting. When he tried to reload Windows XP by the CD Rom he got the following message:

Entering system reload process......

checking primary ATA 66/33 for hard drive 1FQ...

the system appears to be incapable of accepting this method of reload.....

Can anyone help me help him as I'm his internet connection at the moment and 180 miles away! Thanks in anticipation.

  powerless 23:03 06 Nov 2004

Sounds like a System Restore disk in use here.

Manufacturer of the PC please?

  Duncanf 23:22 06 Nov 2004

Thanks Powerless for response......will have to find computer manufacturer out in morning as I've lost contact with my son down south!

  THE TERMINATOR 00:05 07 Nov 2004

Is this a new drive that has replaced an old one, If so it needs formatting, if the software he has, has'nt done this for some reason, could he not install it as a 2nd drive to his old one(meaning he has to put his old drive back in), boot up and then format the new drive from within windows? He could then put his new drive in place and install windows on it(I know this is long winded but the old drive should at least boot up and allow formatting of his new drive). I know this won't help, but it always pays to have things like bootup floppies that give access to cd-rom drives and has the facility to format disks also.But if your friend has too many probs it could be he has picked up a dodgy disk and should take it back and get a replacement....TT

  Duncanf 10:06 07 Nov 2004

Thanks Powerless...the PC manufacturer is 'Time'

  Duncanf 10:11 07 Nov 2004

Thanks Terminator. He had to replace HD as the old one, in his words, died! The software with the new HD seemed to format the was the reloading of Windows XP that created the problem.
Perhaps a boot-up floppy might be the answer as you suggest. We'll check further. Thanks.

  Duncanf 16:50 19 Nov 2004

Thanks to all for suggestions. Boot-up floppies worked.

  Duncanf 16:50 19 Nov 2004

Thanks to all for suggestions. Boot-up floppies worked.

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