Reloading Windows XP onto a blitzed drive in dos

  Andanotherthing 09:48 08 Jan 2007

Have fdisked a drive to reload xp and am going round in circles. Have tried using i 386 and winnt - at best this starts to load files (no smartdrv) then hangs.

I've repartitioned using Partition Manager's rescue disks but now get error message saying windows has got nowhere to put a swapfile. The six diskette boot disks recommended in previous posts crash on the first disk when it tries to assess current system- it just reboots. I can put this harddisk into another comp - but would this help as windows would presumably detect my SP2 version of windows and wouldn't let me load another version? Can anyone confirm the sorts of partitions I need on the blitzed disk? I'm guessing a dos primary and a logical drive - yet windows says it has nowhere to put a swap file. Help please!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:19 08 Jan 2007

fdisk the drive and remove ALL partitions.

Boot from the CD and let XP partiotion and format the drive in NTFS.

  Andanotherthing 17:03 08 Jan 2007

I get 'Cannot load DOS! Any key to retry'

Thanks for your suggestion Fruit BAt - do I now need to find DOS and put it on floppies??


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:54 08 Jan 2007

I can put this harddisk into another comp - but would this help

Put in other system as slave use XPs disk management to initialise and format the drive.

Then place back in original system boot from CD to install XP

  Eric10 18:43 08 Jan 2007

You may need to change the boot order in the BIOS to make the CD the first boot device. Then watch the screen for the instruction to "Press any key to boot from CD". As ├četa says, you don't need DOS to install Win XP.

  Andanotherthing 19:18 08 Jan 2007

all I get is a 'cannot load dos' message.('setup won't run in dos' is the other message)
Tried i 386/winnt and I get a message that Windows can find nowhere to put a swopfile. I think fdisk has done the damage so I may take Fruitbat's suggestion to put the drive in my other comp as a slave and use the xp disk management utility to nuke it again...unless there are other suggestions...?

  T0SH 19:47 08 Jan 2007

Try downloading the hard drive makers utilities to make a bootable floppy or CD boot to it use the zero fill drive option to set the drive back to exactly the way it came out of the factory

Then run XP setup again

Cheers HC

  Andanotherthing 15:40 09 Jan 2007

Thanks to Tosh - I downloaded Maxblast 4 which got the drive ok again - I hate Fdisk! and windows is loading as I type. Many thanks to all of you who responded

Best wishes


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