Reloading Win 95 onto old PC giving me CD ROM dete

  Mr. Chips 12:59 07 May 2003

Reloading Win 95 onto old PC giving me CD ROM detection troubles!

Wishing to sell an old PC I formatted the hard drive (without system).
I set up BIOS to boot from floppy and inserted the WIN95 startup floppy.
It would not 'see' the CDROM although during startup the 'ATAPI' is 'seen' to load alongside the hard drive. (Both are MAsters on their own IDE cable). I ran CDINST.bat from the floppy but it says that there is a cable problem. Whatever I do will do resolve matters.

I am assuming that something else is actually the problem.... what's your advice please?

  cream. 13:24 07 May 2003

In my experience win95 floppies do not have the cdrom drivers on, except on oem disks.

You could try downloading a 98 floppy from click here. Start the computer with this and when you get to a:\ type either setup or a:\ win95\setup.

  Switcher 13:51 07 May 2003

As suggested either use a win98 startup disk and start up with cd rom support, or use a dos driver which will require an entry in the autoexec.bat file and also the config.sys

  Mr. Chips 17:21 07 May 2003


I have tried theWIN98 diskette but to no avail.
I have run cd-inst from the floppy that came withthe CD ROM drive.... to no avail.

The PC sees the drive on start-up, as it does the hard drive, but when running the WIN95 startup diskette, the system says that it can't find the CDROM, 'please check the cables' , which of course, I have done ... several times!

I have swpped withthe hard drive, exchanged cables etc.

What am I doing wrong ... if I had any hair, I would pull it out!

  Mr. Chips 17:22 07 May 2003

Further to my above notes ... I can't see the CDROM drive from the DOS prompt. Entering D: results in 'invalid'

  Valvegrid 17:54 07 May 2003

Switcher may have a point, when you re formatted did you format C: /s this will copy both autoexec.bat and config.sys to the disk. Then insert the CD ROM diskette and type A:\setup this should add the necessary lines to both the system folders.


  Switcher 21:02 07 May 2003

Unfortunately Format c:/s will not in fact transfer autoexec.bat and config.sys it will only transfer Msdos.sys Io.sys and

  woodchip 21:26 07 May 2003

Find the make, off the top of the CDrom, then go to site and download a driver. This should be loaded from dos on a floppy disc

  woodchip 21:29 07 May 2003

PS this I have also done, install your CDrom Drive from your other computer then use Win98 disc

  Belatucadrus 23:19 07 May 2003

Try using "The ultimate boot disk" ,click here I've just reformate4d and reloaded my old W95 PC with it and it was easy. No CD driver issues at all.

  Lone Crow 00:03 08 May 2003

You prob have, but just in case - have you got the IDE cable connected the right way round? Red edge of cable should go to pin 1 on the drive. On some drives it's possible to get it the wrong way round. Also, is the jumper on the drive set to the Master position? LC.

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